Three Advantages of a Backyard Pond for the Family and the Environment

Property owners who like to have a pond constructed near their home may wonder whether this is truly worth the amount of money it will cost. They might consider advantages aside from the beauty of this feature they can view from the home’s windows. Yes, they will need to pay contractors to excavate and construct the pond, and they will also probably need an aeration system and other pond equipment. Nevertheless, the benefits for the family as well as for the environment can be noteworthy.


One of the primary environmental benefits is providing a miniature ecosystem for wildlife. Ducks, geese and other birds will be attracted to the water. Even birds that don’t swim can use the water for drinking and bathing. They’ll eat bugs and pull worms from dirt along the shore. They’ll find places to perch and food to eat in the tall marsh grasses and other plants around the water.


Children in the family will have a daily bird’s eye view, so to speak, of what goes on in a natural pond ecosystem. Parents can teach them about wildlife biology and behavior, and the kids will learn a great deal on their own just from observing. The pond can become home to frogs, turtles and fish in addition to birds. They’ll see pretty dragonflies snapping up mosquitoes and gnats, and they’ll hear red-winged blackbirds trilling from their perches on top of cattails.

Less Grass

There’s nothing really wrong with grass, especially when property owners aren’t dousing it with herbicides and pesticides that harm birds and beneficial insects. However, large expanses of grass without animals grazing there require regular maintenance unless the owners just allow it to grow wild. Keeping the grass lush and green typically requires weekly mowing, frequent watering and occasional fertilizing and aerating.

When a pond takes up a great deal of that space instead, the property benefits from more varied plants and the additional water. Some maintenance will be needed, but equipment from a company such as Living Water Aeration makes the work go quickly. Some of the maintenance, such as aeration, can be done automatically with fountains or discreet pump systems.