Why Every Traveler Should Own Bed Bug Luggage

A new generation of Americans is being plagued by bed bugs, some of the planet’s oldest pests. The tiny insects are at home almost anywhere and reproduce very quickly. They can hide and thrive in linens, mattresses and even baseboards anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, they also travel well and are coming to the U.S. by hitchhiking in travelers’ luggage. With that in mind, a creative business has introduced a bed bug suitcase that promises to stem the tide of bed bugs into the U.S.

An Old Bed Bug Problem Is Back

In America’s early years it was very common for homes to have bedbugs. No matter how clean residents were, the hearty little insects managed to find their way into clothing, furniture and carpeting. The only thing that would kill them was extreme heat, which meant that householders usually had to throw out their belongings and then burn them to stop infestations. Although some things could be saved by leaving them in the sun for days, most were lost. The problem was nearly eliminated by poisons like DDT, but that family of dangerous toxins was eventually banned. Americans also began to travel overseas and bring back bed bugs from other countries. As a result, the U.S. currently has a growing bed bug problem.

Heat Is the Secret to the Suitcase

Bed bug luggage is designed to prevent the insects from ever getting out of a suitcase in the first place. Each piece of luggage has an infrared heater that can reach a temperature of 140F. Bed bugs are destroyed at temperatures exceeding 114F. The idea is that travelers can simply plug the luggage in for several hours before opening it. Every suitcase includes a timer and power cord.

Bed Bug Luggage Offers Many Perks

Travelers also benefit from the fact that bed bug luggage is tough and offers extra protection in the form of a zippered lining. The luggage is sturdy looking and includes 360 degree spinner wheels. Suitcases are designed to withstand tough handling and have durable polycarbonate shells. In testing the suitcase passed TSA inspections without problems.

The U.S has a bed bug problem that is being spurred by travelers who import the insects without realizing it. However, an enterprising business has now developed a suitcase that includes a heater designed to destroy the bugs before they can get out and begin to multiply.