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What you Should Consider When Purchasing a Lawn Edger

Investing a quality lawn edger for your home will ensure that your grass is neatly edged and trimmed. Lawn edgers range in types and sizes and here are some valuable tips to help you choose the right trimmer.

Select a trimmer that will allow you to customize and cut any hard areas in your yard without breaking the razors. You want a trimmer that is easy to replace the edger blades when they get worn out or when they break. Hence, choose a trimmer that will allow you to easily and quickly replace the worn out blades when need be. A lawn edger with several edge positions that can easily be turned will enable you to achieve a sharp and tidy line. Also, you want a trimmer that has an important safety feature such as disengagement capability that will allow you disengage the blade from turning.

There are various types of trimmers available including the manual, electrically, cordless and gas-powered edgers. Carefully analyze the horsepower of each model to see which will be sufficient for your lawn. The electric powered model allows you to trim anywhere even on unreachable grass and it is easy to use. A gas powered edger is more powerful and therefore suitable for larger yards with thick bushes. Manual edgers are cheap and straightforward but require a lot of effort to use. A cordless/battery edger model are easy to use and only require a battery that needs to charged in order to give you the best service.
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Ensure that the edger you are buying is stable and ready to use on hard surfaces. It is advisable that you select an edger with four wheels to provide better balance when being used on curbs. Additionally, ensure that the trimmers handle can easily be adjusted to the height of your choice.
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Choose the right cutting edge that offer multiple positions and angle settings to give your lawn a clean look. A law edger can use a metal chopping razor or a plastic string attached to the edge. Before buying your lawn edger, verify that the cutting tool is working properly and it is not broken. You can the swap the damaged knife for a more appropriate one. Compare the various knives available and decide if it is worth the expense.

You want a trimmer that is easy to use and start with just one or two pulls of the cord. Check for a marking on the blade cover that facilitates the line that you will follow between the lawn and the next surface to give you a perfectly manicured professional look.