Month: August 2020

How the CARES Act failed to protect tenants from eviction

Anna Vela had 3 days to fork out her lease or her landlord would evict her and her 3 kids. 

She failed to have the cash.

When the pandemic hit, Vela’s manager at the grocery store wherever she labored in Davenport, Iowa, had lower her weekly hours to around eleven from 35. And when she acquired that she’d probable occur into call with a person who had the coronavirus, she had to quarantine for two weeks and was not ready to make anything at all.  

Vela paid her landlord what she could for the duration of these trying instances, but he nonetheless moved to evict her in June.

“I just felt like, ‘What am I heading to do?'” Vela, 38, reported. “The only matter I could do is pray.”

But Vela failed to require to pray: Her landlord was not allowed to evict her. 

Anna Vela

Resource: Anna Vela


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