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A Partner in the Journey from Early Stage to Exit

[Take note from editor: The “Mastermind Showcase” highlights businesses and news from customers of the GEM. Today’s showcase: MetaProp.]

Launched in 2015 by Zach Aarons and Aaron Block in New York, MetaProp is 1 of the world’s most set up venture money corporations centered solely on the prop tech sector. They devote at the early stage, with verify sizes ranging involving $25,000 and $250,000. 

The portfolio incorporates more than one hundred fifteen businesses, which have lifted more than $2 billion and use 1,five hundred+ individuals. PadSplit, Briq, HqO are among the all those that have collectively exceeded $2 billion in funding with eight effective exits. With above $one hundred ten million dispersed above 3 funds, they are looking for to increase $200 million for their fourth and biggest fund, the MetaProp Advancement Pick out I, to devote larger sized checks in afterwards-stage businesses.

MetaProp’s 22 7 days accelerator program

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