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I reside within the UK and bought a buy to let property in Buffalo in the USA. The property was sourced by Ajay Ahuja and his Ahuja Group. It never made revenue, as promised by the Ahuja Group and its preferred third parties in the USA.

ie: additionally do a search engine on dshs intranet. What I have found is priceless and keeps CPS running scared. Because of graduate as a paralegal and take my struggle up a notch. Go to the manuals listed in the children’s administration. Call CPS on their policies and operations violations not to mention the violations on laws RCW’s and WAC’s. DO A GOOD HEARING some workers have been fired for not doing their jobs right. I had an incompetent cps employee at first and the cream of the crop in direction of the tip and so they still haven’t broken me. DAD AND MOM: … Read More