RE Q&A: What If a Landlord Insists on Paying Rent with Cash?

A lease requires money payments, but if the renters make a journey to the lender it violates emergency pandemic orders and looks unsafe. Do renters have an additional possibility?

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Dilemma: Our lease states that we have to pay back the hire in money. Simply because of the Safer at Residence orders in put, we do not want to go to the lender to get the income. We available to pay back with a check or even have our lender transfer the funds, but our landlord refused. We want to keep safe through the pandemic. What can we do? – Amanda

Solution: It is essential constantly to get a receipt when paying out your hire in money. You agreed to pay back your landlord in money, and that is what you must do when attainable.

But the unpredicted sometimes happens, and even a effectively-drafted lease

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