Quitting Quayside: what’s next for Sidewalk Labs and investment in smart cities of the future?

[Editor’s take note: Originally released on AEC Labs]

Following wending its master web site advancement program by way of 3 decades of revisions spurred by public opposition and information privateness fears, project approvals for Sidewalk Labs’ Quayside “smart city” project in Toronto were set for a June 25 vote. But recently, in an open up post on Medium, CEO Dan Doctoroff announced that Sidewalk is dropping the project. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 disaster, the news came as a surprise, presented the deep pockets and the latest momentum behind the project.

Quayside was meant to be a 12-acre advancement that would be the gateway to a much more substantial 800-acre project on Toronto’s industrial lakefront. Featuring cross-laminated timber (CLB) structures, subterranean e-commerce shipping and delivery accessibility points, and, in the long run, a “data trust” to support planners and technocrats boost the Quayside working experience for inhabitants and

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