Owning land, no matter how large or small it is, requires time, effort and resources. Because of this, most people find it important to maximize the profit of owning said land to offset the costs. Listed below are three quick ways to make money from leasing your land to interested parties, all to build a profit system that requires little to no effort on your part. 

Harvest Timber

If you own forested land, it could be in your best interest to investigate and appraise the value of the trees on your property. Lumber companies or sawmills often search for new locations to harvest wood. With the help of a professional forestry consultant, the value of the timber can be appraised properly depending on the size, species, and quality. You can make several thousands of dollars per acre depending on the age and quality of the trees and the conditions surrounding them. Timber sellers who hire the services of a professional forestry consultant are likely to gain more profit than if they had done it by themselves. It is important to do your research before deciding to take this route. 

Grow Crops

Leasing your land to farmers is a great way to profit from your land. You can allow them the space to grow and harvest their crops. A bonus is that they will care for the land as their crops need to be fruitful. Many farmers are interested in having more land or having a location where they drive out to get their fresh produce and yield. Large-scale agricultural businesses, such as the one led by Stefan Soloviev, were built by buying land and leasing it to farmers. Additionally, supporting agricultural businesses is a good investment for your economy and the local market. 

Raise Livestock

Leasing your land as pasture for livestock, such as cows or horses, can be a great way of making passive income from your land. This works best when you are near farmland where animals are a natural part of their work environment. Livestock can create fertilizer for crops nearby and cows can have additional benefits of producing milk for consumption. If you have only a little land available, you can rent the space for small animals such as rabbits or chickens. 

Any acre of land can be reaped of its potential; no matter how new you are to the process, looking for ways to lease your land to agricultural or forestry businesses can help the cost of owning land and reward you with great economic and ecological benefits. 

By Lela