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Attractive Renovated Properties for Rental in St Francois De Grasse

St Francois de Grasse is a tiny village situated a couple of miles to the east south-east of the old town of Grasse. Grasse sits above Cannes on the Cote d’Azur, commanding views right across the Bay Of Cannes as far as Nice and across the Esterel mountains and is famous for the production of perfume. There are a number of perfume production facilities in the town and the area around St Francois de Grasse is one of many that produce the flowers and the orange blossom which is used in the perfume creation process. Many different flowers are used, but the most common is a kind of orange blossom which if left produces quite bitter oranges, however the blossom is very sweet-smelling nut it takes 1000 kilos of blossom to make 1 kilo of the oil that is the basis for the production of perfume.
Grasse now, since 2005
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