Scott Bayens: Real estate boom means plenty of new neighbors

Scott Bayens

Soon immediately after relocating to the valley in the spring of 2002, I experienced an epiphany of kinds driving the wheel. It was really much more like a private shaming, but one that proved to be very unforgettable and efficient, and one I’ve been thinking a good deal about recently.

At the time I was functioning at a local radio station as the information director. One of the 1st men and women I met and who remains a close friend to this day was longtime local Brian Keleher. Brian understood just about all the things Aspen and acted as an early manual. One day we hopped in my motor vehicle, hooked a right up South Mill Street and approached the intersection by the Jerome. All of a sudden the motor vehicle in entrance of me stopped shorter as a wayward pedestrian stepped off the suppress and into targeted

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