5 Hot Home Design Trends for 2021

By Krisztina Bell, No Vacancy Home Staging Inc.

Photo courtesy No Vacancy Home Staging

What popular home trends can we expect in the new year? Life in quarantine has really allowed us to take a step back and reevaluate our homes from a new perspective. Homeowners are looking to make their spaces more functional as well as reflect more personality. They’re seeking comfortable and casual-style living. “Cozy” will continue to be the new “luxury.”

In my market in Atlanta, some of the top design trends relate to stylish home offices, which are popping up in basements, breakfast areas, bedrooms, and attics. Also, statement lighting, accent walls in natural elements, pops of color, and outdoor living spaces are all the rage as flippers, investors, and builders look for ways to put a signature stamp on their properties.

Here are five home trends to watch in the new year.

1. A laid-back

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