Anchorage Cost of Living Guide

In the 1800s, numerous travelers attempted to locate their fortunes by traveling to Alaska. The point out held a fantastic deal of opportunity and thriller, which include valuable work opportunities operating for oil and mining organizations. Over the many years, the group of Anchorage has formulated a number of thriving industries that present a secure base for the economic system. With virtually 300,000 citizens, it is distinct that numerous men and women think the group is economical and vivid. However, there are numerous issues to take into consideration ahead of purchasing a residence here.

As with transferring to any new metropolis, a person of the most crucial troubles is the charge of residing. Some of the most gorgeous towns in the globe are not viable options for these who never have the money necessary to maintain life there. Two work opportunities presenting the exact salaries may find the money for absolutely distinctive existence based on the common fees. For these explanations, it is crucial to review the charge of residing in Anchorage ahead of making the final final decision.

Anchorage has a charge of residing score of 123.5, that means that residing here is about 23.5% a lot more costly than the countrywide common, and Anchorage citizens will pay back about $123.fifty for every $one hundred the common US metropolis resident pays. There are a lot of factors that go into the charge of residing in a individual metropolis. Below, we will crack almost everything down to illustrate exactly where that income goes.

Anchorage Housing

Housing is normally the most costly one-line merchandise in most budgets. In basic, Anchorage housing expenses are forty four.six% bigger than these of the common US metropolis, and it really is a person of the largest explanations the community’s charge of residing is so substantially bigger than the relaxation of the US. These expenses apply to apartment residing and residences, although there are some options to locate a lot more economical websites. Almost two-thirds of the housing models in the metropolis are proprietor-occupied, so substantially of the group is geared towards homeownership.

Median Household Selling price

The median cost for houses throughout the metropolis is about $339K, with a median cost for each sq. ft of $182. In spite of the bigger-than-common residence price ranges, houses appreciated by about 2.13% a yr amongst 2013 and 2018. That offers some charge stability for new citizens setting up for a potential buy.

Like most communities in the US, there is fantastic wide variety in residence price ranges by community. Hillside Park is a a lot more costly community exactly where the median residence cost is over $600,000. An example of a community with substantially a lot more economical houses would be Woodland Park, and a community amongst these would be Woodside East.

Median Lease

The common lease for an apartment in Anchorage has remained secure at about $1030 for the final two many years. This charge correlates to the common apartment dimension at 697 sq. ft. Far more than 50 percent of all apartments in the metropolis are amongst the selection of $seven hundred to $a thousand for each thirty day period. A different 3rd are amongst $1715 and $1500 for each thirty day period.

Rental expenses are broadly distribute throughout the metropolis. Neighborhoods like Sunbeam, Spenard Acres, Irey-Ryan, and Calais rank between the most economical at just over $900 for each thirty day period. At the other close of the spectrum, neighborhoods like Harmony Hill, Calaska Industrial Park, and Bayshore West can demand as substantially as $1400 on common.

As common rental price ranges can also fluctuate dependent on dimension and regardless of whether or not they are in the metropolis or suburbs. A a person-bedroom within the metropolis can common about $1225, while renters can help you save virtually $250 a thirty day period by residing exterior the metropolis. Likewise, a 3-bedroom apartment within the metropolis can common all around $1925, with a financial savings of a lot more than $200 by residing exterior Anchorage.


Cost of Utilities in AnchorageAlaska’s purely natural fuel and electricity expenditures are a lot more than 33% bigger than the countrywide common. Ordinary every month utility expenditures are about $250 but can rise to all around $300. Provided the long winters, these expenditures can include up as one fees. Given that the heat seasons never are inclined to final long, these fees are relatively constant throughout seasons.

World-wide-web solutions are also a lot more costly compared to other communities, with every month expenses of all around $one hundred twenty five. Blended, a particular person residing in a 915 sq. foot apartment can be expecting to pay back about $four hundred for each thirty day period for fundamental utilities and cable.

Foods in Anchorage

Simply because of the sizeable length amongst Alaska and most of the significant foods-escalating areas in the US, foods expenses can be bigger than common. Many citizens of the place choose edge of the summer months to increase foods, and Alaska is famed for its looking and fishing.


Individuals that do not hunt, fish, or farm can be expecting bigger expenses linked to foods. Cooking from residence is a fantastic way to keep away from the bigger expenses of cafe meals. A gallon of milk can charge all around $4.00, while a loaf of bread is about $three.thirty.

A pound of rooster fillets and potatoes will fetch all around $5.sixty every. Individuals wanting an right after-get the job done bottle of wine will spend all around $fifteen for midrange quality. In the meantime, a 50 percent-liter bottle of domestic beer can charge all around $2.fifty. Two liters of cola can charge about $2.37.

Dining places

Cost of Restaurants in AnchorageAnchorage has a wide wide variety of eateries to cater to every flavor. Normally, a quickly foods meal will charge a person particular person virtually $10. Reasonably priced meals at sit down eating places will charge a person particular person all around $fifteen. A 3-program, mid-selection cafe knowledge will demand all around $32 bucks ahead of tip.

Transportation in Anchorage

Although Anchorage is not that big compared to other towns, the point out of Alaska is certainly massive. That usually means travel expenses amongst towns can be sizeable in phrases of time and income. However, receiving all around in the metro place is sensible compared to other big towns. For example, commuters will locate that the common cost of a gallon of fuel is about $2.fifty. Auto insurance policies costs for Anchorage motorists normally common all around $1501, which is more cost-effective than the countrywide common of $1548. Living in the outskirts of the metropolis can net insurance policies costs as lower as $1275.

In the metropolis, there are a few techniques to get all around through community transit. The Persons Mover transports all around 12,000 passengers every weekday and sells 50 percent-working day and comprehensive-working day passes that get started at $one and can go as higher as $5. AnchorRIDES is service for senior citizens and these with bodily disabilities that suitable citizens can apply to use. Fares get started at $three.fifty but can go up to $5.fifty for locations beyond the core route. The rider can also convey a person personalized treatment attendant for free, but a ordinary guest will want to pay back the exact fare as the rider, and any additional guests will be expected to pay back $fifteen every.

There are a number of ridesharing programs in Anchorage. The metropolis of Anchorage truly offers subsidies to inspire commuters to vanpool. In trade for riding in groups of five or a lot more riders, vanpoolers can pay back lower every month costs for a number of guidance solutions from the metropolis. These can consist of a perfectly-geared up auto, 24-hour roadside help, and driver basic safety instruction.

Anchorage Healthcare

Cost of Healthcare in AnchorageAnchorage health and fitness insurance policies price ranges are 82% bigger than the countrywide common. For these who get insurance policies as a result of their spot of get the job done, substantially of these expenses are handed on to them. On common, personnel in Anchorage pay back $ninety nine a lot more than personnel in other towns exterior Alaska.

Well being insurance policies strategies can also be directly purchased from the point out health and fitness insurance policies market. Expenses for strategies through this method count on a number of factors, which include the deductible. For example, applicants can get a Moda Pioneer Silver 4500 approach with a deductible of $4500 and $683 every month top quality. On the other hand, for a every month top quality of $433 a very similar plan has a deductible of $6500.

Total, the common every month charge of health and fitness coverage for a particular person with a person baby is about $1164, while a few with a person baby will pay back about $1892 a thirty day period. A family with two older people and two little ones will pay back about $2328 for each thirty day period, and a family of five would want another $four hundred.

For shorter fifteen-minute visits to a personal health care provider, individuals will pay back all around $one hundred sixty. Outdoors of basic practitioner healthcare solutions, most other forms of healthcare are available in Anchorage. A check out to the dentist can common $136, while a check out to the eye health care provider is all around $147. A regime check out to the vet will usually be all around $63.

Youngster Care in Anchorage

Like substantially of the country, caring for little ones in Anchorage can be costly. Non-public preschool or kindergarten costs can exceed $a thousand for each thirty day period. Statewide, the common charge of baby treatment for a four-yr-aged is $7650 for each yr, while caring for an infant will involve $10,957. For comparison, in-point out tuition for the University of Alaska is all around $6100. However, baby treatment is normally bigger than tuition in 33 states all around the US.

People with numerous little ones in the residence may well want to take into consideration using the services of a nanny. The common pay back charge for nannies in Anchorage is about $13.seventy five for each hour. That adds up to about $550 for a forty-hour week, and $2200 in a typical thirty day period, which is considerably a lot more const successful for families with numerous little ones who involve treatment.

Anchorage Leisure

Cost of Entertainment in AnchorageAlthough operating is crucial, it really is also crucial to choose time to chill out and have entertaining every as soon as in a while. Anchorage provides a wide wide variety of entertainment and leisure options absolutely sure to satisfy any tastes. Most of these options are economical on an common wage.

A trip to the Anchorage Museum will charge $twenty for older people, $six for little ones, and there are particular provides for Alaska citizens, seniors, and members. At the museum, readers can see reveals dedicated to the Iñupiat and Yup’ik peoples, the heritage of cameras and photography, a planetarium, and life in historic Alaska.

Individuals who want to see the famed Northern Lights can do so on a personal guided tour that will choose them to the ideal sites to see the Aurora Borealis. Greatland Adventures is a person enterprise that specializes in these kinds of excursions, and they will demand a base cost of $745 for a team of 1–6 men and women, and the tour lasts all around eight several hours.

Sporting activities admirers can catch an Anchorage Glacier Pilots recreation for as small as $5 for a person recreation or $80 for a period go. To see an Anchorage Bucs recreation, basic admission is $8, and box-seat tickets charge $fifteen.

Anchorage Salaries

The common every month net wage in Anchorage is $4,289, which sites the metropolis bigger than the countrywide common. The median house money is just over about $eighty three,600 a yr, and this determine is predicted to increase. The unemployment charge for the group is about six.six%, which is bigger than the countrywide common. This is in part for the reason that the point out is extremely rural with higher levels of seasonal work. The present-day minimum wage is $10.19 an hour.

The greatest paying work opportunities in the metropolis are linked to medication, enterprise controlling, and engineering. The only higher paying occupation group particular to the northern point out is petroleum engineers, given the valuable oil sector. All-around fifteen% of the personnel in the metropolis are in office and administrative guidance, and nine.six% are in foods planning and serving.

A different point to take into consideration about Alaska is the absence of point out money taxes or taxes on purchases. By eliminating these expenses, the point out adds income directly into the pockets of shoppers that can be applied in opposition to the bigger charge of residing. In truth, not only does Alaska not have money taxes, some citizens get checks. The Alaska Long-lasting Fund was created with profits from the oil sector and offers a yearly test for citizens of Alaska. Checks selection everywhere from a few hundred bucks to as substantially as $2000.

Remaining Criteria Just before Picking Anchorage

Although the gold rush of the early 1900s is undoubtedly over, it is achievable to locate results in Anchorage. Persons in the ideal occupation can prosper regardless of the bigger charge of residing. The magnificence and countless likely for out of doors routines can also present extra incentive for enjoyment exterior day to day operating life. Anchorage is a metropolis as opposed to any other, and it really is no surprise so numerous men and women want to transfer to this gorgeous piece of Alaska.

By Lela