Attorney Rick Vesole recently discussed common landlord-tenant issues best settled with a lawyer.

A qualified lawyer can be the difference between serious conflict and peaceful resolution. Attorney Rick Vesole specializes in real estate law, and he recently discussed common landlord-tenant issues best settled with a lawyer.

“Many landlords don’t want to get a lawyer involved because the assistance of a lawyer costs money,” Vesole said. “However, they don’t realize just how much time and money they’ll save with the assistance of a qualified professional.”

Vesole explained that hiring a lawyer can even prevent many landlord-tenant issues from happening in the first place.

Property Damages

Property damage is a common topic of dispute among landlords and tenants. Landlords claim the tenant caused damage, and the tenant claims the damage already existed or could be regarded as normal wear and tear. A lawyer can help the landlord create a definition of normal wear and tear within the rental agreement and document any problem areas noticed in move-in and move-out inspections. 

Habitability Problems

Many landlord-tenant disputes stem from the parties disagreeing on whether or not living conditions comply with health and safety codes for rental units. A tenant may describe the property as inhabitable while a Landlord believes it is habitable.

A qualified real estate lawyer like Rick Vesole can help the landlord provide proper notice about possible issues within the home. Lawyers can also be invaluable for tenants, helping ensure they live in an environment safe for the whole family.

Overdue or Unpaid Rentd

Unfortunately, renters may struggle to pay their rent on time or become unable to pay anything. Late rent can cause significant financial issues for landlords who have the home mortgage and other bills to pay. A lawyer can create a complete contract and ensure the landlord and tenant understand all the terms, including when rent is due, late fees, and what happens if rent goes unpaid. 

The Security Deposit

Disputes regarding the security deposit generally involve damages, as mentioned above. A landlord has the right to the security deposit toward any unpaid rent or repairs necessary due to harm caused by the tenant. A contract drawn up by a lawyer can explain the terms required for a tenant to receive his security deposit. The lawyer can also help settle disputes regarding damage, unpaid rent, and more.

Attorney Rick Vesole

As real estate attorneys who deal with landlord-tenant issues, our goal is to help the parties reach a fair agreement. Many times, resolution begins long before the tenant moves into the property. A qualified lawyer will create a thorough contract and can help both parties understand all the details.Rick Vesole explained that a real estate lawyer is invaluable for landlords and tenants. Both parties can benefit from speaking with a professional and settling disputes civily.

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