Even with the reinvigorated real estate market in Dallas (we were mentioned in Forbe’s 2017 best cities to buy housing in), you might find that the home you thought would sell quickly leaves you in limbo. While waiting for the best possible offer to come along may seem easy, big profits quickly get gobbled up by monthly payments. That’s right – you’re still responsible for making all the monthly payments on your home while you wait for someone to buy.

Getting ‘stuck’ looking to recuperate money that you lose paying on not only the place you’re living now but the place you’re trying to sell can make a person desperate. But fighting fire with fire has never worked for anyone. Neither does paying month after month hoping for that perfect bid that will make the waiting all worth it.

Even when you decide to go with a real estate agent rather than just selling the house yourself, you aren’t guaranteed to find a buyer quickly. Nor are you guaranteed to get the price. With commissions and fees, the money you end up getting might not be quite what you expected. And it can be stressful getting calls from your agent telling you someone’s interested, only to be told never mind only a short time later.

There are a lot of ups and downs when you want to sell your home. It can be costly. It can take a long time. It can be more stressful than you ever dreamed. But it can also be easy.

If you’re in the Dallas area, there is a local house buying company that wants to make life easy and lucrative for you. There’s no waiting for months. You don’t have to worry about commission and fees. And you can have cash in pocket in just a few days.
So how does this process work? It’s super easy. Contact Trusted Texas House Buyers and tell them a bit about your property. They buy houses in any condition, but there are still some criteria you must meet (like actually owning the house). If you meet that criteria, you’ll get a written, no-obligation fair offer for your property. From there, just choose a date that works for you to go to your local licensed title company.

Viola! Process complete. Selling your house can be that easy. These are not home listers, they’re buyers! And they want your house. They’re quick, courteous, respectful, and incredibly fair. How do I know?

Last year we were going through a hard time. We had a death in the family and a new baby. Bills started piling up, and we realized that keeping our house wasn’t going to be an option. We couldn’t afford to wait for a realtor to sell our house. We were lucky to find Trusted Texas House Buyers. They got us more than we expected to get, and it freed our family from crushing debt. Thanks to them, we are back on our feet this year. With the money we got from them, we were able to pay off the funeral expenses, give our daughter a great birthday party, and work on minimizing debt and attaining assets. But, that’s just what we did.
What you choose to do with the cash you get is up to you. Downsize, upsize, go on vacation, go back to school, reinvest – there’s so much you can do. It’s a great, easy way to sell the house you’re in and get a good amount of money for it.

They really are the best way to go if you’re in a hurry or you just don’t want to have to go through the drudgery of a realtor agency. Don’t take my word for it, though, check them out for yourself! There is no obligation and the only thing you have to lose is a recurring payment and a lot of worry.


By Lela