Decoding Common Paint Terms

By Karen Rechenberg, PPG Paint

When it will come to paint, there’s a lot of jargon, from “sheen” and “finish” to “scrubbability” and “washability.” A novice painter could uncover them selves inquiring: What do people terms truly imply? Comprehension prevalent paint terminology can support be certain the proper paint selection for your task, no make any difference how significant or modest.

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PPG Paints Coloration: PPG Misty Aqua

Washability: This is an umbrella time period that captures stain resistance, as nicely as the paint’s capacity to resist burnish (shiny spots) and marring (decline of coloration)—both of which normally result when cleansing a painted wall. Marring can also be a result of abrasions, like school luggage and outfits rubbing together the wall. You can uncover super quality paint that can be remarkably resistant to stains, burnish, and marring, this kind of as PPG UltraLast™ inside paint + primer.

Sheen: The sheen on the label refers to the reflectivity of a paint’s area. A flat or eggshell sheen is the least reflective, though semi-gloss or satin sheens are much more reflective. Much less light-weight reflection from the wall benefits in a decreased-strength end great for areas exactly where relaxation is the target, like bedrooms, living rooms, or anyplace you want a spa-like vibe. A paint with a larger sheen has much more strength and seems to be fantastic on cabinetry and doorways, in playrooms, or highlighting an architectural element. Larger sheens also support bounce light-weight all around a room that gets less all-natural light-weight.

Gloss: There is a difference involving sheen and gloss in the paint industry, and it’s all about the viewing issue. Technically, “gloss” refers to how reflective the paint’s area is when seen straight on, though “sheen” is a evaluate of the reflectivity when seen with your cheek close to the wall. This is the perspective you would have of a long hallway wall as you wander by means of it.

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Protection: This time period captures two diverse attributes of paint. The to start with refers to the space you can address with a gallon of paint. To compute the amount of paint you want to invest in, use a paint calculator tool to support take out the guesswork. Also, coverage is also used to explain the paint’s capacity to address a pre-present coloration, which can have an impact on the variety of coats necessary to achieve a uniform end. A larger-good quality paint offers much more defense and richer coloration in much less coats.

Stain Resistance: This is the paint’s capacity to hold stains and scuffs from penetrating the paint movie. Every person wants their difficult do the job to pay out off in a long-lasting, freshly-painted look. Larger sheens are much more stain-resistant and are typically proposed for kitchens and bathrooms.

Scrubbability: This time period describes how resistant a paint is to aggressive scrubbing, which can be important when making an attempt to take out difficult stains from paints that really don’t supply plenty of resistance. Scrub resistance is measured by scrubbing a paint movie till it breaks. In contrast, stain resistance is a evaluate of how effortlessly a paint movie releases a stain.

Having the time to fully grasp prevalent paint terms prior to you decide up a paint brush can make choices about your future task less annoying and much more most likely to result in the look you want to achieve.

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