A view of downtown Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma Town still has “backbone” and is continue to “established.”

That appears pretty much like a consolation prize if they’re handing out accolades for genuine estate enhancement and expense prospects.

It can be anything. It appears off, although, thinking of the buzzing community economic climate.

Typical. Average. Ordinary. Typical. Typical. That is all we get in Rising Trends in Genuine Estate 2022, the yearly study by the City Land Institute and PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

Probably it is really the lag time in between investigation/interviews and publication.

Compared to the stark and dark potential customers outlined in final year’s study — investigated, created and printed for the duration of the throes of the pre-vaccine coronavirus pandemic — this a single is positively cheerful.

But it shows Oklahoma City, regardless of getting 1 of the cheapest unemployment fees in the place, a healthful and engaged general public sector, and a expanding tech sector blazing new trails, as:

• Normal in trader desire.

• Normal in enhancement and redevelopment options.

• Common in public and non-public investment.

• Typical in availability of debt and equity funds.

• And an normal regional economy.


But, we’re very good plenty of, we’re sensible enough, and doggone it, folks like us!

By Lela