[Observe from editor: The “Mastermind Showcase” highlights firms and information from users of the Geek Estate Mastermind. Today’s showcase: Majordomo.]

Majordomo’s Domoscore app is designed to assist consumers, sellers, and brokers immediately and conveniently assess the all round issue of a dwelling, resulting in a solitary quantity (the Domoscore). The score identifies the variables that went into developing the quantity – details that can give both of those sellers and consumers a jump on deciding and prioritizing difficulties that might require consideration with a home.

Receiving a home’s Domoscore will take about 10 minutes. The app asks a handful of uncomplicated questions about the home and distinct goods in it. (For instance, the app asks about the condition of the kitchen counters and what yr the drinking water heater was mounted. It also offers recommendations so that people can conveniently discover that details.) The user walks through the home, like on a scavenger hunt, to solution the questions.

The app is an asset on both of those sides of the transaction. Sellers can get viewpoint on the home’s correct issue and thus guide to set a practical vary for an inquiring selling price. In turn, consumers and their brokers can conveniently use the absolutely free app though viewing the home for the duration of a tour.

Down load the Iphone app, Android app.

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By Lela