Here’s a nightmare situation: You’re out at a New Year’s Eve occasion with colleagues and everyone is chatting shop. All of a sudden you pipe in with your choose on what it implies to be a Realtor — except you pronounce it “real-A-tor.” The room goes silent. Eyebrows elevate. If it had been a cartoon, there’d be a document scratch seem impact.

Language evolves organically, of study course, but comprehending how to pronounce terms is nonetheless a beneficial indicator of skilled expertise or membership in a certain group. Mispronouncing states like “Colorado” or “Nevada” — the center syllables have quick A sounds, like “dad” — will immediately reveal you to be an outsider. Having “Cannes” proper signifies you are a film buff. If you know how to pronounce “Nietzsche,” you likely know a detail or two about philosophy.

The identical goes for serious estate and its several unique terms. The term “Realtor” alone is a beneficial example, with a person’s pronunciation hinting at whether they are a purchaser or an industry insider.

In that light-weight, Inman has place collectively a transient guideline on phrases and corporation names that are commonly mispronounced. It is not a detailed list, but it does incorporate a number of phrases that our audience specially flagged as tricky. And the hope listed here is that as you chat store at your upcoming events, this guide will aid you arrive throughout as savvy and keep away from searching like a dork.


To start with up is a basic. If you have been real estate for any time at all, you have almost certainly noticed that a fantastic numerous individuals do in simple fact say “real-A-tor,” with an more syllable in the middle. But you may also have seen that in the sector alone, most persons with any practical experience pronounce it “REAL-tor.”

Inman arrived at out to the National Association of Realtors — which in fact has a trademark on the expression — for advice. An organization spokesperson responded that the right pronunciation is “real-tor (two syllables) and unquestionably NOT serious-a-tor (a few syllables).”


Realogy is the largest business of its variety in the world and owns many of serious estate’s ideal-known brand names together with Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Corcoran and other individuals. And nevertheless, the accurate pronunciation of its name however eludes some people. That probably has one thing to do with the phonetic traits of the word “real” — which may perhaps also trip men and women up with “Realtor.”

But in any case, in an e mail to Inman a business spokesperson explained the correct pronunciation as “real-ah-gee.”


Technological know-how startup Remine very first introduced in 2015 utilizing the name “Real Deal,” but within just a month had incorporated as Remine LLC. This drop, four numerous listing solutions united to acquire the business. A Remine spokesperson told Inman the name is pronounced “REE-mine,” as in it rhymes with “be mine.


Dogecoin is a kind of cryptocurrency that was produced in 2013. Not like the better-identified Bitcoin, Dogecoin was deliberately launched as a joke and is named after the “Doge” meme, which normally characteristics the smiling confront of a Shiba Inu dog together with textual content intended to represent what the canine is imagining.

Joke or not, the cryptocurrency has found surging fascination and values in 2021 and as of the time of this crafting was buying and selling for about $.17 per coin. As a outcome, Dogecoin is among the the cryptocurrencies poised to play a bigger part in actual estate as additional buyers use it as a store of prosperity and to have interaction with various metaverses.

In accordance to the Wall Avenue Journal, Dogecoin’s co-founder has claimed the cryptocurrency must be pronounced “dohj coin.” Nevertheless, some people also choose to contact it “doggy coin.”

NAR (The National Association of Realtors)

Here’s a tricky a person: Is “NAR” pronounced “N-A-R,” or “nar” as in it rhymes with “far”?

NAR is just one of the most ubiquitous companies in real estate, and but its identify, it turns out, is 1 of the most normally mispronounced: Even sector pros routinely use the rhymes-with-far pronunciation, but a spokesperson informed Inman the suitable way is to say every single letter.


RESO stands for Serious Estate Benchmarks Firm. The entity is focused to developing marketplace standards that implement to technologies and facts, but the acronym for its title is routinely mispronounced as “ree-ZO.” In point, it should be pronounced “reece-o,” with the to start with syllable rhyming with “peace” and the S earning an S seem somewhat than a Z.


Tech startup Zavvi gives a marketplace that compares distinct provides from iBuyers. The corporation is effective right with brokers and brokerages. A spokesperson for the firm reported the suitable pronunciation is “ZA-vvie,” as in it rhymes with “savvy.”


Dippidi is a true estate internet marketing business that released in 2020. It aims to support groups and brokerages finances, make and execute on the web marketing strategies. And at the time of its debut, Inman mentioned that it was “not the first oddly named enterprise in the genuine estate marketing space.”

Inman arrived at out recently for enable announcing Dippidi’s title, and co-founder Tyler Auerbacher explained that it is “DIP-eh-dee.”


WyzeGyde begun out making use of the identify OfferBarn, but in late 2020 rebranded. The business aggregates and compares iBuyer delivers, but at least written down, the name at first seems like a little bit of a doozy.

On the other hand, it is easier to say than it appears to be: CEO Scott Martineau explained to Inman it’s just pronounced “Wise Guide” and the organization “just experienced some enjoyable with the spelling.”


Zooldealio gives vendor leads and guarantees to convert every agent into an iBuyer. Last summertime, Inman described the organization as “a cocktail of each individual firm trying to upset the authentic estate marketplace today.”

In an electronic mail this thirty day period, the company’s chief internet marketing officer Jason Laos explained to Inman the title should really be pronounced “Zoo-Deal-E-O.”


The Countrywide Affiliation of Actual Estate Editors, much better regarded as NAREE, has been all over for more than 90 decades and every yr palms out awards to what it deems the very best journalism in true estate. This year, for example, Inman’s individual Lillian Dickerson took household a silver award for a piece on actual estate voice actors.

On the other hand, most likely simply because the starting of the organization’s acronym consists of “NAR,” and due to the fact NAR alone is usually mispronounced, NAREE is in some cases improperly spoken as “NAR-ee.” In simple fact, it is intended to be pronounced “NAIR-ee,” with the first syllable sounding like the hair removing product for men and women who dress in quick shorts.

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