Anna Panaia to ZF SPV LLC, 93 Joanne Circle, $370,000.

Chester S. Wojcik Jr., Michele Wojcik and Michele C. Camerota to Eric W. Lottermoser and Linda J. Lottermoser, 46 Cottonwood Lane, $375,000.

Christine H. Thompson to Heather L. Doe, 70 Corey Colonial, $225,000.

Deborah A. Davignon, representative, and James A. Davignon, estate, to Antony Ashlaban, 414 North St., $135,000.

Eleni R. Morrison and Michael W. Morrison to Heather Whitney, 42 South St., $175,000.

Fumi Realty Inc., to Anna Panaia, 74 Federal St. Extn., $299,000.

Maria Podgurski, John Stelmach and Irene Bove to Samuel Daniel Solis-Gonzalez, 37 Oxford St., $240,000.

Mark Tidwell to Robert Reardon and Debra Reardon, 96 Beekman Drive, Unit 96, $154,500.

Mela Dieujuste to Maura Donovan, 340 Regency Park Drive, Unit 109, $114,000.

Normand R. Blanchet, Norman R. Blanchet, Mary M. Blanchet and Mary M. Blanchette to Bernamaxin Lebron Rivera and Morayma Sierra Carmona, 123 Cherry St., $260,000.

Richard J. Langone, Mary Roncalli and Mary Roncalli-Langone to Daniel A. Serna, 54-56 Mark Drive, $175,000.


Mitchell D. Culler to Nicholas Savot and Michael Marceline, 74 Stony Hill Road, $315,000.

Tammy L. Haut-Donahue to Robin Allison, Paul Dooley and Winifred Holzman Dooley, 6 Amity Place, $419,700.

Annie Granger Reynolds, personal representative, and Mary Ann Shea, estate, to Deborah Laggis, 24 Green Leaves Drive and 24 Greenleaves Drive, $145,000.

Josna E. Rege and Andrew T. Melnechuk to Olalekan A. Adeoyin, 245 Pelham Road, $325,000.

Phil Potts Roaring Bluff Idaho LLC, to David Leith and Judith L. Roberts, Lawrence Circle, $160,000.

Gil S. Lee, Lisa Lee and Andrew Lee to Bin Sun, 50 Meadow St., $220,000.

Ryan Kari Sandvik to John A. Kane and Judith Hirsh-Kane, 170 East Hadley Road, $180,000.

Ashleigh Jugan and Kyle Jugan to Derek Barnes Smith and Claudia P. Brown, 35 Salem Place, $201,500.

Sandra J. Rosenberg to Michael Alexander Lewis Schurter, 83 Crossbrook Ave., $256,000.


Martin Bur and Mioara Bur to Andrew Strout and Katherine Tungate, 24 Warner St., $519,000.

Gary P. Goguen and Kali M. Goguen to Audrey Fitzgerald and Benjamin Marcus, 271 North St., $331,000.

Summer Hill Estates Development LLC, to Kelly Willis, 111 Daniel Shays Highway, $340,000.

Kenneth K. Kozlik and Cheryl M. Kozlik to Joseph H. Roberts and Julia M. Roberts, 776 Franklin St., $450,000.

Tracy P. Savage and Maureen S. Savage to Glenn Nichols and Joyce L. Nichols, 53 Azalea Way, $687,000.

Laura J. Cresta McArdle and Laura J. Cresta-Pacheco to Steven C. Setaro and Michelle R. Jones, 3 Blacksmith Road, $220,000.

Stefan Haim Klement, trustee, Shalva Klement, trustee, and Belchertown Realty Trust to Brendan M. Coughlin and Brooke E. Packard, 40 Ware Road, $113,500.

John C. Pearson and Solveig L.D. Pearson to Barbara R. Sherburne and Albert L. Sherburne, 41 Spring Hill Road, $510,000.


John Zielinski and Janice A. Zielinski to Anthony F. Korman, 27 Third St., $350,000.

Mark M. Forsman, Mark A. Forsman and Nancy E. Forsman to Graham D. Bozenhard and Alejandra I. Montesinos, 130 Warren Road, $295,000.


John M. Berry to Daniel T. Gorey, Huntington Road, $233,000.

Lee Robert, representative, Earl H. Stone, estate, and Keith A. Stone to Jonathan Haskell, 32-34 Middlefield Road, $32,500.

Sandra J. Williams to Jeffrey K. Smith and Nicole M. Smith, 28 Hampden St., $160,000.


Adam Vasquez to Evelin Ramirez, 63 Sheridan St., $175,000.

Arthur J. Desorcy and Diane M. Desorcy to Arthur J. Desorcy, life estate, Diane M. Desorcy, life estate, Shirley J. Quinlan and Carolyn J. Brunelle, 208 Asselin St., $100.

Christopher Kotowicz, Eric J. Kemp, Ann-Marie Kotowicz and Trisha Marie Kemp to Sergio D. Francisco Ramon, 365 East Main St., $250,000.

Cig4 LLC, to Laurie Thomas, 54 Fredette St., Unit I-8, $177,500.

Evan W. LaChance, Danielle R. LaChance and Danielle R. Roberts to Evan W. LaChance, 876-878 Grattan St., $15,000.

Frederick S. Lavigne Jr., to Trinity Ann Baker, 110 B Colonial Circle, $125,000.

Gregory Bennett to Maria Carolina Clark, 779 Britton St., $339,000.

Heriberto Colon Jr., and Zoila R. Colon to John-Paul Trigilio, 44 Roosevelt Ave., $294,900.

Kelly J. Colkos and Heather D. Colkos to Vicky Romero, 25 Henry Harris St., $225,000.

Kevin M. Bradway to Susan A. Lopes, 112 Cobb Ave., $258,000.

Marie Garrow to Scott M. Davis, 10 Overlook Drive, $219,000.

Michael D. Berardelli and Bethany L. Berardelli to Jillian Elizabeth Geer, 542 Sheridan St., $385,000.

Sara Polverini and Kevin Polverini to Christian Rivera, 123 Mandalay Road, $260,000.

Theresa B. Wicklman, estate, Theresa Blanch Wicklman, estate, and Roy E. Wicklman, representative, to J. Fitz LLC, 127 Lawndale St., $87,000.


Michael Deep to Mitchell T. West and Taylor K. Wiggin, West Cummington Road, $25,000.

Peter J. Feitner, trustee, Christine B. Knox, trustee, and Peter J. Feitner Funding Trust to Michael E. Crotty and Robert F. Goff, French Road, $18,000.

Peter J. Feitner and Christine B. Knox to Michael E. Crotty and Robert F. Goff, French Road, $18,000.


Alice Graham-Brown to Christopher P. L. Barkan and Elizabeth L. Barkan, 7 Juniper Drive, $676,500.

Joan E. Bartlett and Robert T. Bartlett Jr., to 14 Industrial Drive West LLC, 14 Industrial Drive West, $4,600,000.

Kenneth M. Cournoyer, personal representative of, the Estate of Kenneth F. Cournoyer to Laura Penney Oedel and William T. Oedel, 15A Mill Village Road, Unit 5B Mill Village West Condominium. $279,500.

East Longmeadow

49 Capri LLC, to Keith J. Stone and Cara M. Stone, 49 Capri Drive, $715,000.

Chad P. Herrick and Christina Herrick to Zachary C. Horn, 194 Somers Road, $315,000.

Laura M. Pixley to Margaret Streeter and Christopher Streeter, 154 Propspect St., $376,000.

Margaret Streeter and Christopher Streeter to Katerina Zarrillo, 73 Thompkins Ave., $300,000.


Celeste C. Dzialo, trustee, and Thaddeus J. Dzialo Irrevocable Trust to Richard Stevens, 58 Division St., $346,000.

Heather A. Lohr to Griffin B. Paquette, 46 Morin Drive, $231,000.

Anthony F. Gleason II, and David M. Johndrow to Trishna Sakhrani and Christopher Amirault, 21-23 Chapman Ave., $260,000.

Patricia S. Minie Irrevocable Trust, Thomas W. Minie, trustee, and Jean Smith, trustee, to Lois Mara Dodge, 359 Main St., $405,000.


Rich Young Property Management Inc., to Jennifer K. Wallace and Joseph Wallace, 38 Old State Road, $285,500.

Shane R. Roberts to Cassandra Nicole Baldwin, 4 Wells St. $300,000.


Geraldine B. Johnson and Stanley W. Johnson to Fenwick LLP, 66 French King Highway, “aka” 125 French King Highway, $230,000.


Charlene M. Audette and Charlene Audette to David C. Harvey and Sara J. Harvey, 96 Aberdeen Road, $200,000.


Lisa M. Laviolette to Diane Gardner, 76 Harris St., $215,000.

Shellie Sullivan to Emily Niemann, Kelly W. Niemann and Steven Niemann, 3 Karen Drive, $282,000.

Tori L. Sperry to Catherine A. Neal and Jack N. Evans, 37 Granby Heights, $186,000.


Donna J. Mollard, trustee of, the Mollard 2019 Revocable Trust to Kevin J. O’Neil, 19 Church St., $473,500.

Angela L. Linson, Trustee of the Lackard Family Trust to William C. Phelps. 135 Silver Street. $155,000

Bradford A. Milnes and Joan A. Milnes to Denise A. Rueb and Richard V. Rueb, 42 Silver Crest Lane, Unit 19 Silver Crest Condominium, $349,900.

Barbara N. Zaccheo and Mark A. Zaccheo to AEDZ Inc., 4 Ames St., $135,000.

Andrew C. Eisch and Sara L. Eisch to Stephen R. McCabe and Susan McCabe, 32 Holland Ave., $340,000.

Ronald C. Pollard, Jean G. Pollard and Ronald L. Pollard, trustees of, the Pollard Family Revocable Living Trust, “aka” the Pollard Family Revocable Trust, to Robert P. Lafleur, trustee of, the Robert P. Lafleur Revocable Living Trust, 18 Silver Crest Lane, Unit 10 Silver Crest Condominium, $329,900.


Roger W. Clapp and Margaret C. Clapp to Jai Young Lee, Yong Suk Lee and Michael Lee, 4-6 Middle St., $520,000.

Jennifer L. Gould to William Weimar and Lauren Andrews, 7 Sunrise Ave., $375,000.

Brandon J. Kelly and Diana J. Kelly to Tyler Davis Chambers and Molly Danielle Chambers, 35 Rocky Hill Road, $400,000.

Joseph M. Lanzafame and Nyssa A. Lanzafame to Christopher Deming-Archambault and Michael Archambault, 72 Rocky Hill Road, $549,900.

Fjodor Agranat and Kathyrn L. Agranat to Joseph Lanzafame and Nyssa Lanzafame, 35 Hockanum Road, $700,000.


Robert C. Reardon and Debra J. Reardon to Karen A. Costa, 10 Hickory Lane, $299,900.


Stanley J. Pitchko and Joan M. Pitchko to Joan M. Pitchko, trustee, Stanley J. Pitchko, trustee, and Pitchko Family Revocable Trust, 21 Bridge St., $100.


Ellen S. Purinton and Scott R. Purinton to Jessica J. Collins and Lawrence G. Dixon, Middle Road, $36,000.


Eve Judine Christoph, Saul David Fairlie and Myisha Omi Stephens to John Breen, Wendy Breen and James Hillmann, 21 Lakeview Drive, $20,000.


Andre J. Cormier and Andre J. Cormier Sr., to Cormier & Sons Construction & Homebuilding LLC, Old Turnpike Road, $120,000.


Alfaville LLC, to Jeffrey B. Beauregard, Maple Crest Circle, Unit 16H, $159,900.

Alfaville LLC, to Lilliam Cruz, 14 Maple Crest Circle, Unit H, $160,000.

Alfaville LLC, to Meagan Rosenberg, 36 Maple Crest Cir Unit, 36H, $159,900.

Alfaville LLC, to Robert Ouellette Jr., and Patricia A. Ouellette, 14 Maple Crest Circle, Unit K, $159,900.

Alfaville LLC, to Wendy A. McKellick-Eaton, Maple Crest Circle, Unit 34D, $160,000.

Allyn Enterprises LLC, to Girls Inc. of The Valley, Linden Street, $790,000.

Diane Mathes to Robert Rose, 414-416 Hillside Ave., $314,000.

Francis P. O’Connell to Jonathan P. Conniff and Elizabeth C. Conniff, 518-520 Pleasant St., Unit 518, $187,000.

Jeffrey B. Beauregard to Three Lions LLC, 41-43 Lawler St., $193,000.

Jennifer Demaio to Hector L. Delvalle and Marilyn Gonzalez, 16 Sequoia Drive, $305,000.

Mary Ann Michalik to Nora Burns, 57-59 Coit St., $262,000.

Max Christian Hebert, Max C. Hebert and Hannah L. Hebert to Teal G. Van Dyck, Mateo G. Medina and Majesta H. Spady, 177-179 Allyn St., $379,000.

Nickolas C. Blanchard and Belitza M. Blanchard to Loretta June Ross, 11 Bray Park Drive, $280,000.

OneHolyoke Community Development Corp., to Garcia Properties LLC, 414 Maple St., $5,000.

Patrick J. Fitzgibbons IV, and Ruthann M. Fitzgibbons to Victor Pagan, Damaris Rivera and Katherine Rodriguez, 159-181 Allyn St., $281,000.


Mary F. Hankinson to Denzel J. Hankinson and Barbara L. Oegg, 92 Amherst Road, $405,000.


Roark C. Herron and Linda A. Slattery to Christopher Boucher and Erin Scanlon, 555 West Leyden Road, $325,000.


Mason F. Rapaport and Amy D. Rapaport to Adam Deutsch and Ashley Louise Deutsch, 80 Laurel Lane, $602,000.

Michael S. Zizzamia and Pamela O. Zizzamia to Joan Sulzer, 61 Wilkin Drive, $410,000.

Xuemei Li to Cassia S. Mizuno, 180 Lawrence Drive, $500,000.


Dogwood Creek Land Holdings LLC, to Harry Russell, 498 Fuller St., $292,000.

Nancy R. Dos Santos, Diane R. Dos Santos, representative, and Custodia Dos Santos, estate, to William Natal and Jennifer A. Natal, 74 Atlantic St., $345,000.

William Natal and Jennifer Natal to Jorge Javier Santos and Kristina Helena Reardon, 166 Highland Ave., $250,023.


Susan V. Lightfoot Gagnon and Joshua Emery Gagnon to David S. Quirk and Roxanne Reed, 159 Skyline Trail, $310,000.


Carrie S. Dean to Carrie S. Dean, Raechel Louise Dean and William Dean Jr., 13 Stafford Road, $100.

Daniel J. Damon, Heidi A. Damon and Heidi A. Bacheldor to Jessica Carey, 23 Highland Ave., $250,000.

Donna M. Maher, Michael E. Szarlan and Carolyn E. Szarlan to James B. Vaill, 149 Carpenter Road, $227,500.


Angela Glazier-Rines, personal representative of, the Estate of Ronald L. Wheeler to Brian Keith Johnson, 52 Dell St., $229,000.

Gregory Marshall, “aka” Gregory A. Marshall, to Eugene M. Bufford and Jeanee M. Bufford, 57 Davis St., $250,000.

Michael F. Patnode, “aka” Michael F. Patnode Sr., personal representative of, the Estate of Jeanette M. Patnode to Jeffrey S. Stylos, 330 East Chestnut Hill Road, “fka” 336 Wendell Road, $149,900.

Debra G. Morse and Jeffrey L. Morse to Joshua Morse and Paula Morse, 1 Burnett St., $297,000.


Barbara L. Oegg and Denzel Hankinson to Jennifer M. Nery and Ryan L. Merten, 53 Union St., $544,000.

Alison MacDonald to Nancy P. Damato, 108 Grove St., $567,000.

Patrick Boyce, trustee, and Michaela J. Boyce Irrevocable Trust to Anne E. Roberge, trustee, Edward J. Cheal, trustee, and 81 Laurel Park Realty Trust, 81 Laurel Park, $210,000.

Michael S. Forrest and Katherine Forrest to 14 Carpenter Avenue LLC, 14 Carpenter Ave., and 16 Carpenter Ave., $365,000.

Simon A. Ahtaridis and Jaya R. Agrawal to John E. Kelley and Katrina Fralick Kelley, 16 High Meadow Road, $1,590,000.

David A. Hardy to Gregory Scott Fralick, trustee, Lovielyn Barretto Fralick, trustee, and Fralick Living Trust, 258 Glendale Road, $112,500.

Carol M. Landry and James B. Landry to Carol M. Landry, trustee, James B. Landry, trustee, and 34 Forest Glen Drive Realty Trust, 34 Forest Glen Drive, $100.

Janine F. Elliott to Katharine A. Godin, 5 Laurel Park, $300,000.

Sylvia M. Santucci, Anthony P. Sibilia and Elizabeth A. Sibilia to Erik C. Abel, 80 Damon Road, $124,750.

Jean Sheeley and Jean L. Sheeley to Helen Elizabeth Miller and Jonah R. Zimmerman, 51 ½ Hatfield St., $200,000.

Marianne G. Zurn, personal representative, and Mina M. Harrison, estate, to Allen M. Razdow and Darrel M. Razdow, 35 Vernon St., $599,900.


Buffi C. Boucher and Anthony T. Wheeler to Joshua John Tyler, 102 King St., $241,000.

Rachel M. Porter to Jamison E. Kahn, 100 Oaklawn Ave., $243,000.

East River Orange LLC, to TK3 Orange LLC, 10-24 East River St., $3,700,000.


Elmon LLC, to Pride LP, 1215-1217 Thorndike St., $600,000.

Fermino Sousa to Amira Antar, Jennifer Jaime and Sharon K. Antar, 37-39 Belchertown St., $375,000.

Joanne Leal to Nicholas M. Sauve, 23 Ains Manor Road, $212,000.


Suzanne P. Dougan to Sean M. Cusick and Darcey Cusick, 30 Butter Hill Road, $462,000.


Cassandra L. Jaeger and Johanna M. Jaeger to Monique Alyse Fitzpatrick and Michael Patrick Murdock, 180 General Knox Road, $400,000.

South Hadley

Christopher P. Guilmette to Christopher P. Guilmette and Jessica M. Kelly, 16 Doane Terrace, $100.

Michael R. Madara, Erica L. Sullivan and Erica L. Madara to Cody David Chatterton and Sarah Elizabeth Driscoll, 220 Lathrop St., $330,000.

Carol A. Geryk to Kurt F. Geryk and Laura A. Geryk, 216 Alvord Place, $100.

Karen K. Osgood, Karen L. Kirkpatrick and Michael D. Osgood to Brandi J. Bellacicco, 10 Smith St., $250,000.

Karl R. Wailgum to Karl R. Wailgum Revocable Trust, Karl R. Wailgum, trustee, and Denise G. Delillo Wailgum, trustee, 5 Pine St., $100.

Stacey Kronenberg to Zachary F. Curylo and Elizabeth F. Curylo, 29 Lathrop St., $290,000.

FWD LLC, to Gail Poirer, 2085 Memorial Drive, $235,000.

Elizabeth A. Hespelt to Heidi S. Levreault, 32D Hillcrest Park, $100.

Claudette M. Nolin, trustee, Paul G. Duquette, trustee, and RPNCM Revocable Living Trust to Robert J. Rehm and Josephine M. Rehm, 29 Alvord Place, $305,000.

AAD LLC, to Sarah K. Rohan, 1 Canal St., $224,900.


David Garstka Builders LLC, to Peter Sacuta, 5 Fitch Farm Way, $497,000.

Eileen F. Couture, Couture Revocable Trust and Eileen F. Couture, trustee, to Simone Prystowski, Couture Road Off, $9,000.

Bryan A. Cummings to Thomas P. Keenan and Colleen A. Keenan, 4 Woodmar Lane, $150,000.

Michael T. Kane to Paul E. Truehart and Darcy G. Truehart, 78 Glendale Road, $150,000.


Mario Arbelaez and Amparo Arbelaez to James Vanderwalker and Debra A. Va
nderwalker, 17 Patriots Way, $460,000.


Andrew M. Lucia and Abigayil C. Lucia to Gina Ramos, 39 Rencelau St., $278,000.

Bretta Construction LLC, to Makala Francis and Leshaya B. Bynum, 107 Monticello Ave., $370,000.

Caleb A. Rozwenc to Norman Poggio, 116 Fort Pleasant Ave., $445,000.

Carlos Brown and Divette Brown to Indira Mercedes Vazquez, 102-104 Cambridge St., $220,000.

Christopher M. Lombardi, Kara J. Lombardi and Kara J. Sevigne to Chloe R. Meunier, 88 Ellsworth Ave., $225,000.

DTG Realty LLC, to Liz Mary Suarez, 611 Allen St., $250,000.

Eligio Martinez to Dorcas Claudio and Alejandro Cartagena Hernandez, 55 Edgemont St., $232,000.

Elizabeth A. Duffy and Carley M. Elkin to Luis Rodriguez-Baides and Alma G. Moran Acuna, 315 Winton St., $260,000.

Gary Plamondon to Doreen P. Jodoin, 115 Monticello Ave., $92,000.

George Samuels to Jacquelyne Caez, 175 Brittany Road, $255,000.

Glenn T. Martin and Sandra A. Martin to Jorge Nieves, 60 Bernard St., $203,000.

Good Living Properties LLC, to Mark Jenkins Jr., 88 Green St., $260,000.

Concerned Citizens for Springfield Inc., to Benjamin Brian Gaydess-Hodgins and Elizabeth Gaydess-Hodgins, 36 Spruceland Ave., $310,000.

James Kneeskern, Katherine E. Kneeskern and Katherine Bonavita to Kenneth Roberts and Kaitlin Jones, 155 Arcadia Boulevard, $245,000.

Jasmine R. Marquez and Gregory R. Long to Ariel DeJesus, 115 Hudson St., $248,000.

Joanne M. Ardolino to Lee Wilson Jr., 279 Sunrise Terrace, $223,000.

Jose M. Rivera to Elsira M. Nunez, 19 Greenbrier St., $232,000.

Kassandra Maldonado to Christian Agron, 29 Ladd St., $239,500.

Kevin O. Ryan and Glennice N. Ryan to Kassandra Maldonado, 48 Martha St., $295,000.

Laura M. DeJesus and Laura Perez to Mamba Capital LLC, 36 Emily St., $154,000.

Laura M. DeJesus and Laura Perez to Mamba Capital LLC, Emily Street, $1,000.

Lynne M. Koshuta to Kumar Darij and Sujata Gurung, 10 Pearson Drive, $379,900.

Mable L. Finney to Sharon Finney and Mable L. Finney, life estate, 117 Almira Road, $100.

Maria T. Quiterio to Jennifer Gutierrez, 36-38 Darling St., $261,000.

Marilyn B. Feldman to Corina Valvo, 95 Dartmouth St., $260,000.

Mark S. Dondero to Sarah G. Myers, 70 Mayflower Road, $229,500.

Michel D. Petit and Valerie L. Petit to Arthur M. Richton and Elizabeth J. Richton, 150 Manchester Terrace, $285,000.

Michelle Ruell to Overseer Realty Trust, trustee of, and Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, 225 Boston Road, $120,000.

NFSAJ LLC, to Fumi Realty Inc., 149-155 Rocus St., $257,500.

Pedro R. Berrios to Robert Trace, 52 Mandalay Road, $245,000.

Phillip A. Morin to Nancy C. Sherry, 28 Greaney St., $240,000.

Rafael L. Osorio and Chaquira Ortiz Alvarez to Channoeun Yim, 19 Castlegate Drive, Unit 19, $180,000.

Saraswati Dhital and Saraswati Bhattral to Gladysh Capital LLC, Belmont Avenue, $15,000.

Stacia L. Brown to Ivelisse Soto, 130 Odion Ave., $201,000.

Steven L. Martin and Shawnique Mitchell to Michael Simmonds, trustee, and MJ Nelson Nominee Realty Trust, trustee of, 52 Nelson Ave., $75,000.

Susan McCarthy and Susan McCarty to Zayra Hernandez Sanchez, 20 Crystal Ave., $175,000.

Thomas W. Gallagher and Jennifer L. Gallagher to Juan Gines Marrero, 11 Crown St., $172,000.

Vicky Santos to Nicholas Crane, 39 Falmouth St., $220,000.

Victor M. Acosta and Christina Acosta to Odeon Dixon, 87-89 Euclid Ave., $295,000.

Walter W. Pinckney to Kristina McCladdie, 620 Alden St., $278,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, trustee, and ABFC 2004-OPT1 Trust, trustee of, to Feliciano Antonio Bonilla, 46-48 Somerset St., $159,200.


Eric S. Champagne to Mark A. Forsman and Nancy E. Forsman, 14 Reed Hill Road, $440,000.


Shelly A. Arsenault, personal representative, and Shirley A. Houghton, estate, to Shelly A. Arsenault and Kenneth Arsenault, 22 Chestnut St., $186,000.

Shaun P. Sullivan to Ashley Kokosa, 17 Church St., $210,000.

Patricia A. Clark and Kathleen J. Radziunas to Shaun P. Sullivan, 91 Greenwich Road, $239,999.


Hedwig Mazurczak Porto to Gary A. Salamone, Northfield Road, $57,000.

Carmen Rodriguez to Teodor Anastasoaie and Vera Anastasoai, 400 Wendell Road, $355,000.

West Springfield

Gregory J. Heffernan and Jesse A. Heffernan to Jeryka Marie Sanchez Molina, 52 Clyde Ave., $265,000.

John A. Crocker, James H. Crocker and Martin D. Sullivan to All Farmers Inc., Dewey Street, $127,500.

Joyce M. Fleming and Tracy T. Fleming to Robert Pacitti, 62 Cooper St., $255,500.

Mark S. Baldyga, Sharon MacMillan, Lisa Baldyga, Lisa Baldyga Harty and Scott Baldyga to Mohammed Alsairafi, 19 Winona Drive, $351,000.

Meg A. McCabe and Mark S. McCabe to Henia Weingarten and Ruth Weingarten, 12 Ivy Hollow, Unit 18, $450,000.

Shannon L. Tanski, Shannon L. Dischertanski and Brittany Dischertanski to Angeljoy Co., LLC, 161 New Bridge St., $142,500.


Barbara Bohn to John Champagne, 55 Robinson Drive, $265,000.

Charles K. Vanheynigen to Malia Homebuyers LLC, 30 Old Farm Road, $225,000.

David A. Borghesani and Pamela J. Borghesani to Anthony J. Sendra, 270 Russellville Road, $535,000.

Errol L. Holloway and Jennifer D. Holloway to Cassandra Leven, 555 Russell Road, Unit E-29, $165,000.

James F. Sanders Jr., and Charlene M. Dominik to Courtney M. Gagne, 139 Wyben Road, $440,000.

Jillian E. Geer to Fred Schempp and Michael Hayes, 201 Plum St., $288,000.

JSL Consulting LLC, to Richard J. Ulan, 20 Susan Drive, $85,147.

Michael R. Davenport and Barbara L. Davenport to Joshua C. Cyr, 97 Fairfield Ave., $550,000.

Michael Ragone and Krystin Ragone to Keven Kudelka and Nicholas Matthews, 82 West Silver St., $235,000.

Philip A. Barry to Kelsey J. Cole, 61 Carroll Drive, $225,000.

Philip T. Huot and Beverly M. Huot to Paul Hudson and Laura Michelle Hudson, 173 Eastwood Drive, $320,000.

Wanda P. Kane, estate, and Howard W. Kane, representative, to Douglas Fuller, 27 Sherwood Ave., $150,000.

Westfield Real Property LLC, to Notre Dame Properties LLC, 59 Broad St., $950,000.


Joan E. Bartlett and Robert T. Bartlett Jr., to 14 Industrial Drive West LLC, 14 Industrial Drive West, $4,600,000.

Donna E. Cranston to Joseph J. Benjamin, 35 Poplar Hill Road, $426,000.


AC Homebuilding LLC, to Janice M. Gray and Timothy J. Gray, 16 Oaks Farm Lane, $470,450.

Caroline B. Sullivan to Christopher Mainville and Isabel Mainville, 4 Apple Hill Road, $460,000.

Donald L. Tatro Jr., and Amber Tatro to Nuno M. Marques, 460 Monson Road, $375,000.

Lyndsay M. Vickers to Fermino Sousa, 16 Dudley St., $225,000.

Mary T. Collins and Mary T. Collin to Monika M. Solowinski and Marcin Solowinski, 7 Bellows Road, $350,000.

Maura J. Lessard to Laurie A. Broadbent, 17 Belli Drive, $415,000.

Nuno M. Marques to James E. Kneeskern and Katherine Kneeskern, 15 Circle Drive, $360,000.

Plaza LLC, to Andrey Mozolevskiy, 440 Dipping Hole Road, $210,000.

Prime Storage Boston Road LLC, to BFG MA RI LLC, 2525 Boston Road, $50,000.

Prime Storage Boston Road LLC, to BFG MA RI LLC, 2535 Boston Road, $3,434,167.


Martha Griffen-Baker, Martha B. Moran, Martha Baker Moran and Martha Griffen Baker to Richard Christian Wylde and Mia Wylde, 5 Petticoat Hill Road, $452,000.

George W. Phillips and Beth A. McGowan to Emma Ayres, 1 Conway Road, $250,000.

By Lela