Burbank homes provide an interesting topic of discussion. Burbank, CA, or the Media Capital of the World as it is called, is nestled right outside of the famous Hollywood, CA. More people work in the entertainment-oriented city of 100, 000+ residents than actually live in it. The primarily upper-middle class area offers a bit of something for everyone. While it is true that stars including Orlando Bloom, Sean Penn, and Patton Oswalt all own real estate in Burbank, what is little talked about outside of Burbank’s entertainment focus are the many vibrant communities that make up this famous city.

To start, there are executive homes in Burbank located on the Verdugo hillside that capture the Valley’s gorgeous views. Business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs call this area their home. It includes the pristine developments of Burbank Hills, Burbank North, Halston, and Highridge Estates.

Homes for young professionals in Burbank who desire the ideal urban zen tend to be located in Burbank’s downtown area. Downtown Burbank contains many lofts with cafes, entertainment, and shops right outside of them. This is indeed the perfect community for people who choose to live and work in a vibrant area that never allows for a dull moment.

In addition to the executive and downtown Burbank homes discussed, Burbank also boasts of a thriving Equestrian Rancho district. This beautiful area is an idyllic community of ranch homes which is ideal for horse lovers. In fact, many of the homes in this district have their own stables.

Last but not least, probably the most overlooked communities of Burbank homes are its family-oriented districts. One such area is Magnolia Park, which contains many California bungalows of ranch and Spanish styles. The homes are conveniently located near schools, cafes, boutiques, and parks. Another such area is the Media District, which is in close proximity to Disney, NBC, and Warner Bros.

Burbank homes and real estate make for a rather interesting topic. While centered around the entertainment industry, Burbank, CA has communities for executives, young professionals, horse lovers, and families. There is a little something for everyone in Burbank.

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