[Note from editor: The “Mastermind Showcase” highlights companies and news from members of the GEM. Today’s showcase: RealStaq.]


RealStaq provides the devices and details making blocks necessary to develop and sustain scalable property browsing, renovating, and mortgage funding encounters. It licenses APIs that permit standardized compliant display screen of MLS data nationwide with 100% cross-referencing to all tax recorder, assessor and dozens of other related data sets. With decades of working experience and having analyzed more than 1 billion smart graphic tags, 80 terabytes of optimized assets shots, and 135 million special household properties, RealStaq’s abilities and technological know-how powers countrywide MLS property research, house loan, insurance policies, valuations and renovation charge analytics for settlement provider companies and portals.

What we like: With deep compliance experience at the intersection of property finance loan and MLS, there are few improved suited to enable startups and corporates navigate the complicated globe of MLS information needs.

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By Lela