Danielsen, Vernon M. and Carol C. Danielsen to Logan B. Conroy, 3260 White Oak Highway S.W. Roanoke VA 24014, $349,000 04/22/2020.

Marvin, Desiree D. to Kelly D. Henchel, 3222 Southwood Manor Court docket Roanoke VA 24014, $690,000 04/21/2020.

Walter, Theresa E. to Charles A. Evans and Gretchen A. Evans, 3742 Forest Highway Roanoke VA 24015, $330,000 04/twenty/2020.

Cushing, R. Thomas and Sherry W. Cushing to James S. Rowe, 2117 Westover Ave. S.W. Roanoke VA 24015, $234,950 04/22/2020.

Everson, Rayna S. to Elizabeth P. Lane, 4709 Barclay Sq. S.W. Roanoke VA 24018, $255,000 04/22/2020.

McCullough, Precious and John Lewis to Mark D. Brown and Tonya T. Brown, 3923 Mud Lick Highway S.W. Roanoke VA 24018, $208,000 04/22/2020.

McIntyre, Timothy S. To Kathleen L. McIntyre to Glenn L. Chilson and Angela L. Chilson, 833 Woods Conclusion Lane Roanoke VA 24014, $270,a hundred 04/24/2020.

Peters, Adam Z. to Lindsey M. Sink, 2723 Derwent Generate S.W. Roanoke VA 24015, $219,950 04/21/2020.

By Lela