Laminate Flooring Fort Myers

Out of all the wood flooring options available today, oak is often the most popular choice. If you are considering investing in a wooden floor, take a look at some of the special things to find out more about oak flooring 

  1. Oak is considered a high-quality material characterized by the dense constitution and long-living nature.
  2. Due to its constitution, oak is exceptionally durable and resistant to wear and tear hardwood for flooring.
  3. Oak floor is also extremely resistant to fungal and insect attacks.
  4. Like any other wood, oak provides a wide choice of colors and grades, from really light to dark as well as from prime to rustic, that is ideal for flooring. One of the reasons why oak can take on many different looks is that there isn’t a single type of oak tree. There are around 600 species of oak, both deciduous and evergreen,
  5. Above all other woods, oak takes very well to staining, therefore, adding to the already vast choice available.
  6. there are two main types of oak flooring: solid oak floors and engineered oak floors.  The solid oak floors are more durable and have a longer lifespan because they can be sanded and refinished many times, while engineered oak flooring outperforms any other flooring due to the ability to resist moisture and temperature fluctuations.
  7. Oak flooring is a great way to increase value to your property because it adds a sense of luxury and value to your home.

All in all, if your priority is getting a high-quality wood floor, then the oak floor will exceed your expectations.

By Lela