Life On A Interest Farm (2)

Allow us to begin with a map of the Olympic Peninsula. The original plan was to drive from SeaTac Airport on the southern route of one zero one to Forks, WA. The plan was to stay in Forks and see the encompassing space after which return by the same route. It did not occur this way.

I’m a seat-of-the-pants” sort of man. By that I imply I am going with the inspirational stream. Whatever feels right on the time is what I write. I have a bevy of unfinished articles sitting in my laptop. Some will sit for months until the inspiration arrives and I can finish them. Some seemed like an important idea at the time of inception however then they dried up two paragraphs into them.

After removing the trees the homesteaders had been in a position to meet the required cultivation requirement of a minimum of 10 … Read More