Apartment is one of the most favorite residential option for people in big cities. In big cities, especially in the areas of business and the city center. Well before deciding to buy an apartment to live in, you need to know the tips.For loans tips, you can get in www.best-instant-loans.com.

The following things, you need to consider when buying an apartment as a place to stay:

# 1 Developer Track Record

Learn the track record (track record) developer. If you buy an apartment, you are 100% dependent on the developer. Many cases of apartment buildings were left abandoned and has not happened, because the developer is problematic. You can find out credible developer.

# 2 Certificate and Company Legality

Do not forget about the certificate and the legality of the building. You need to know and check Broking owned by the developer, license principles, letter Building Permit and Permit Use of Land Appropriation. Make checks and validation to the relevant agencies. Do not forget to check out later that you will receive a certificate. Usually the owners of the apartments will have a certificate.

# 5 Recognize Support Facilities

Always identify public facilities around where you live, eg hospitals, police stations, bus stops, schools, colleges, civic center, shopping center, mini market.

# 6 Note Building Age

If you are buying a second apartment do not forget to ask the age of the building. The apartment buildings are getting older, of course, will issue a higher treatment costs.

# 7 Know Your Needs

When you buy an apartment, there are at least three types of apartments are unfurnished (no furniture at all), semi-furnished (partly no furniture) and full furnished (ready inhabited building). There was also a consideration in terms of size ranging from studio (without insulation), one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom and up luxury apartments (more than 3 rooms). Find matches the needs, not desires. Avoid prestige to purchase a residential dwelling, so that your finances remain healthy.

# 8 Security

Security facility is one that should be considered. How to guard at the front door of the apartment, in the apartment and the security level of the area around the apartment.

# 9 Parking Facilities

The parking facility is the thing that you need to consider, at least find out if there is a special parking area for residents. How many parking spaces are provided.

# 10 Known the fee costs

Find information clearly from the developer, ranging from price, amenities apartment, monthly fees or estimates of the management fee, taxes and other costs as well as benefits from the apartment. Once you find out, then you need to check what the developer. It’s easy just look at building ever built before or ask the real estate agent.

# 11 Preparation Funds for Purchasing the Apartment

Lastly and most importantly, think about how to buy it. Is a purchase using cash or credit purchases.

# 12 Think Daily Operational

One difference staying in the apartment and in a regular house is about daily operations. Starting from the additional laundry costs (because there is no drying room), the cost to buy drinking water, gas, telephone signal interference, problems with internet, mail is only delivered to the mail box and the risk in case of fire or earthquake.

By Lela