Actual estate transactions for Dec. fifteen-21, 2019.


Ithaca City   

Patti J Estate Of Papapietro bought 209 Pleasant St to Craig M Salino for $215,000 On December eighteen.

Laura & Alexandra Burch bought 314 Ithaca Rd to  Mia Korf Family Residing Tr for $387,185 On December 19.

LLC G&I Ix Empire Tops Plaza bought 719-725 Meadow St S to  Lone Castle Ithaca, LLC for $three,771,600 On December 20.


Harold Schultz bought 7 Hickory Path to Emily Riddle for $270,000 On December 19.

David Stensland bought 249 Midline Rd to Jason D Hecht for $340,000 On December 19.


Southpaw Ventures, LLC bought 1329 Danby Rd to Eliud Nieves for $327,five hundred On December eighteen.

Dryden Village        

Corinna Davies bought fifty three Lee Rd to Michael Pinnisi for $178,000 On December 17.


Clarene D Stephens bought 169 German Cross Rd to S. M. Anwar Ahmed for $161,000 On December 16.

Deborah Perkins (F/K/A Gordon) bought 540 Snyder Hill Rd to Ian Craig for $142,five hundred On December 19.

Otis S Phillips bought 805 Midline Rd to Kevin Drake for $34,000 On December 20.


Cynthia K Holland bought eighteen Meadowlark Dr to Matthew Isaacson for $225,000 On December 17.

Growth, LLC New York Land & Lakes bought fifteen Caswell Rd to Matthew A Keary for $134,910 On December 17.


Enfield Volunteer Fireplace De sold  Van Dorn Rd N to Steven Douple for $95,000 On December 17.

James M (Estate Of) Stoughton bought 271 Aiken Rd to Christopher W Shaput for $236,000 On December 20.

As Trustee for Lsf9 Us Bank Have confidence in, Na bought 20 Harvey Hill Rd to Harold Barden for $34,five hundred On December 17.

Groton Village         

Laurita M Ripley bought 223 West Cortland St to Richard A Hacker for $70,000 On December eighteen.

Robert W Rose bought 306 West South St to James Berry for $one hundred forty,000 On December eighteen.


Linda M Mueller bought 1456 Route 222 to Katlin Zubal for $126,000 On December 19.


Lindsay M Hahnes bought 230 Hayts Rd to Elie M Piha for $180,000 On December 17.

Finger Lakes Land Have confidence in, bought 230 Culver Rd to  City Of Ithaca for $87,888 On December eighteen.

Brendan Obrien bought one hundred thirty Woolf Ln to Danica Fisher for $326,five hundred On December eighteen.

Joseph Wetmore bought 128 Glenside Rd to Lindsay M Hahnes for $275,000 On December 17.

Jay D Bramhandkar bought 25 Saunders Rd to Suhao He for $425,000 On December 20.

Heritage Park Townhouses, bought 176 Troy Rd to Solar Bin Dong for $408,000 On December 19.


Alan J Nixon bought 391 Lansing Station Rd to Catherine Benda Nelson for $616,five hundred On December 20.

Michael J Ryan bought 13 Lakeview Dr to James E Wells for $205,000 On December 20.


Nicholas R Angelicola bought 247 Douglas Rd to Jamie M Voorhees for $175,112 On December 17.


John L Holt bought 1822 Trumansburg Rd to Leslie Muhihahn for $868,000 On December 20.


Waverly Village      

Joseph Picco bought 10 Frederick St to Thomas Patrick for $60,000 On December 16.

Jamey Erogan F/K/A Sprague bought 478 Waverly St to Christopher Macneal for $seventy five,five hundred On December 16.


Heartwood Forestland Fund sold  Wilson Creek Rd to George Hoffmier for $35,000 On December 17.


David Ross bought 796 Owego Rd to Christopher Kilpatrick for $177,000 On December 19.    

Chad Jump bought 263 Spencer Rd to William Seaside for $102,820 On December 19.

Julia Florence Kuenzli bought 431 Drybrook Rd to Nickoli Evenson, Jr. for $thirty,000 On December 19.

Newark Valley Village       

David Amaro bought 67 Elm St to Troy Rouille for $179,787 On December 16.

Estate Of Catherine Clement bought nine Franklin Ave to Scott Kasmarcik for $one hundred twenty five,000 On December 16.

Terry C. Cole Estate bought 26 Spring St to Emily Cole for $33,689 On December 17.

Newark Valley        

Newark Valley Produced Property Neighborhood bought 11342 State Route 38 to  Newark Valley Parksites, LLC for $88,000 On December 16.

Owego Village         

Thomas Doty bought 104 Orchard Ave to Erin Wilburn for $144,000 On December 20.


Stephen Melocco bought 112 Barton Rd to Preston Evans for $152,000 On December 19.

Dorothy Summerville Family Irrev Trst bought 25 Griffin Dr to Gary Zisko for $145,000 On December eighteen.

Randy Jones bought 1186 Jewett Hill Rd to Michael Hryck for $132,750 On December 16.

James Jackson sold  Kinney Highway S/S to  Riverside Sod Farm, LLC for $60,000 On December 20.

Gary Youmans bought 10 Beth Pl to Stephen Walter Ross for $164,000 On December 19.


Ray Szymczak sold  Howe Rd to Edgar Armstrong for $29,900 On December 20.


Jonathan Spence bought 304 South Hill Rd to Nicholas Lango for $one hundred twenty,000 On December 20.

William Them sold  Finkenbinder Rd to Carol Johnson for $34,000 On December 19.

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