$420,000, 44 Juniper Rd, Pothier, Paul J, and Pothier, Pamela T, to Mei, David J. $65,000, Young Rd, Hornak, William A, and Hornak, Sheryl A, to Green Ventures Corp. $50,000, 443 Dunn Rd, MA Ave Land Development, to Cal-Mek Enterprises Inc. $50,000, 444 Dunn Rd, MA Ave Land Development, to Cal-Mek Enterprises Inc. $50,000, Juniper Rd #6, MA Ave Land Development, to Cal-Mek Enterprises Inc.


$85,000, 56 Beaver Dam Rd, Warner, Patricia, to Holman, Todd A.


$359,000, 47 Monadnock Ave, Jones, Billy J, to Kimball, Peter, and Kimball, Donna. $145,000, 393 Hapgood St, 393-399 Hapgood Street RT, and Amrhein, Walter P, to Benchmark RT, and Hart, Randall F. $50,000, 390 Crescent St, 390 Crescent RT, and Patel, Jignesh, to Crescent Moon RT, and Biotti, Francis L. $10,000, Chestnut Hill Rd #3A, Pearson-Dedick Inc, to Lawlor-Moore, Johanna M, and Lawlor-Moore, Darlene F. $10,000, Chestnut Hill Rd #4, Pearson-Dedick Inc, to Lawlor-Moore, Johanna M, and Lawlor-Moore, Darlene F.


$362,500, 795 Oxford St S, Benvenuti, Anthony J, to Benvenuti, Patricia R, and Carroll, Michael J. $343,000, 3 Mahlert Ct, Filiere, Stephen D, and Filiere, Maria P, to Luperchio, Brianna. $325,000, 3 Santom St, Collins, Glenn, to Collins, Theresa, and Laufer, Ashlie L. $315,000, 316 Rochdale St, Bertnell Realty Inc, to Rivera, Suleyka M. $285,000, 100 Elmwood St, Chenard, David M, and Chenard, Lorraine M, to Johnson, Andrew M, and Emge, Casey L. $230,000, 16 Ravine Dr, Luperchio, Brianna R, and Ward, Griffin, to Luperchio, Ashley M, and Luperchio, Linda L.


$186,000, 680 Wheelwright Rd, Ward, Brian C, and Ward, Katelyn E, to Vaughn, Tyler J.


$65,000, West St, Ayers, Lucille M, to Anthousai RT, and Winters, Guy.


$379,000, 84 Elm St, Truscott, Charles J, and Truscott, John J, to Truscott FT, and Truscott, Bruce C. $305,000, 13 Miller St, Bourque, Justin G, to Araujo, Jonelvy A, and Estevez, Dayana I. $197,000, 4 Fairway Ln #4, Torres, Gregory, to Sarkisian, Judith. $107,000, 121 Mendon St, Dunton, Charles, and Dunton, David, to Afonso, Arnaldo.


$870,000, 60 Houghton Farm Ln, High Oaks RT, and Kiley, Robert P, to Plesca, Igor, and Plesca, Jacqueliene E. $535,000, 61 Teele Rd, Allen, Edward, and Allen, Barbara, to Traianova, Malina E, and Zarkov, Ivailo G.


$568,813, 19 Morgan Cir #9, Sewell Gravel Pit LLC, to Rino, Anthony, and Rino, Joanne B. $518,000, 115 Stiles Rd, Hoenigmann, Bonnie, to Weaver, Kenneth G. $428,000, 39 Compass Cir #B, Piscione, Kathleen, to Revelli, Jon L. $15,000, Brooke Rd, Clark, Derek P, to Johnson, Shane.


$285,000, 48 Saint George Rd, Donze, Kimberly S, and Donze, Todd J, to Palmer-White, Lisa B.


$182,000, 107 Lake Rd, Green Betty J Est, and Somerville, Kurt F, to Predella, Christopher R, and Predella, Christina E.


$447,500, 9 Muggett Hill Rd, Moreno, Ernesto, and Martinez-Garcia, Elisa, to Ayoub, Abdelmasih, and Ayoub, Nevein. $239,770, 279 Stafford St, Stokes, Ernest F, and Stokes, Gail P, to Herwald, Robert N, and Herwald, Kacie. $222,000, 188 City Depot Rd, Reid, Jack L, and Reid, Linda S, to Jarobski, Edward R, and Jarobski, Katlyn M. $200,000, 23 Highfield Rd #D, Ayoub, Abdelmasih, and Ayoub, Nevein, to HRC RT, and Roufail, Nabil E. $125,000, 117 Stafford St #64, Langlois, Gail A, to Castillo, Yesenia. $120,000, 115 Stafford St #67, Bracy, Jennifer A, to Raja, Haider A. $60,000, N Sturbridge Rd, Nylin George Kendall Est, and Nylin, Patricia F, to Bacon, Sandra J. $24,124, 68 N Sturbridge Rd, Kady, Charles, to Kady, Charles, and Kady, Gary R.


$410,000, 228-234 Beacon St, Duchnowski, George W, to Delorey, Brian T, and Delorey, Kali H. $320,000, 76 Orange St, 76 Orange Street RT, and Ciccarelli, Loriana, to Osorio-Lux, Jorge D, and Lopez-Osorio, Maria D. $278,000, 21 Wittig Ct, Carver, Carolyn A, and Belcher, Valerie, to Crowell, Paola. $175,000, 169 Chestnut St, Presbyterian Church USA, to Desousa, Rute A, and Teofilo-Desousa, Edimar. $168,000, 18 Richardson Pl, 18 Richardson Place RT, and Salisbury, Gordon, to Lambert, Anthony.


$369,900, 29 Brookside Dr, Stevens, Leslie M, and Stevens, Jennifer M, to Marcotte, Matthew D, and Quirk, Kerry E. $30,000, Ledgestone Rd, Janis A Cahill T, and Cahill, David W, to Lombardi, James R, and Lombardi, Laurie S.


$405,000, 82 Klondike Rd, Walker, Donald B, to Walker, Christine J, and Mattson, Benjamin A. $285,000, 173 W Main St, Burke Veronica Rose Est, and Burke, Mary E, to Byrnes Realty LLC. $285,000, 175 W Main St, Burke Veronica Rose Est, and Burke, Mary E, to Byrnes Realty LLC. $265,000, 12 6th Ave, White, Dennis, and White, Debrah, to Tufts, Brian. $226,000, 3 Railroad Ave, Nordstrom, Jodi L, and Nordstrom, Mark A, to Vik, Benjamin G, and Vik, Erika H. $180,000, 14 Center Rd, Sutor, Mark B, to Doktor, Piotr P, and Doktor, Stefanie S. $161,000, 91 Cortis Rd, MTGLQ Investors LP, to Rivers, Glen A. $80,000, Dresser Hill Rd, Yacuzzi, Thomas C, and Yacuzzi, Linda C, to ACD NT, and Difronzo, Julie A.




$905,000, 5 Clark Ct, CC RT, and Cutter, Christopher D, to Tegra Properties LLC. $369,000, 4 Lachance St, USA, to Daly, Ryan M. $242,000, 52 Moran St, Silva, Adiel, to Teixeria-Brandao, Victor. $215,000, 18 Myles Cir, Gionet Steven M Est, and Sharpe, Karen M, to Couture, Nicholas M. $205,000, 88 Lovewell St, Chung, Kenneth, to Paine, John D. $203,500, 62 Oriole St, Bliss, Lori, to Marion-Cox, Carrie A. $190,000, 9 Barthel Ave, Newport T, and Gelinas, Justin P, to Demers, Nicholas. $185,000, 101 Marquette St, Bailey Brothers LLC, to Lucier, Jonathan D. $164,200, 107 Pelley St, Ruhnau, Antje C, to Cram, Nicholas, and Wilson, Michael. $131,200, 7 Bancroft St, Kerdmolee, Pakorn, and PHH Mortgage Corp, to PHH Mortgage Corp. $12,500, 145 Willis Rd, Meany, John, and Meany, Angela, to Zuppe, John B.


$575,000, 1 Old Saw Mill Rd, Birch Brush RT, and Shamsuddin, Khaja, to Held, Olga P, and Held, Jacob M. $550,000, 94 Upton St, Sjogren, Robert M, and Sjogren, Carolyn M, to 100 Upton Street LLC. $377,500, 11 South St, Mazza-Caldwell NT, and Mazza, Robert C, to Omalley, Paul, and Omalley, Kelly. $365,000, 125 Ferry St #125, Weston Development Group, to Parthasarathy, Manikandan, and Raghuraman, Bharathy V. $245,000, 25 Ferry St, Matatall, Timothy S, to Bonina, Stephen M. $162,000, 45 Samuel Dr #45, Paul E Saperstein Co, and Valinski, Steven, to Nala RT, and Davis, Edward C.


$89,900, 219 Main St #219, Kaur, Balbir, and Hans, Sunej, to Belliveau, Robert, and Richardson, Vanessa.


$285,000, 11 Walnut St #E, Leikin, Sergei V, and Leikina, Eleana E, to Rider, Dean.


$335,000, 90 Fisher Rd #30, Szymanski Jr Bernard Est, and Szymanski, Joshua P, to Addo, Daniel. $299,900, 63 Homestead Rd, Nathan, Christopher M, and Nathan, Adrianna M, to Cordova, Cindy. $293,000, 21 Stoneleigh Rd, Gliesman, Kenneth P, and Gliesman, Jacqueline, to Laughlin, James P, and Laughlin, Alison A. $280,000, 91 Wyoming Dr, Alice E Wilkie 2013 IRT, and Wilkie, Dale N, to Wilkie, Gianna L, and Oday, Kevin W. $185,000, 47 Steele St, FNMA, to Lugo, Israel. $100,000, 29 Princeton St, Desrosiers, Gerard, and Ryan, Jennifer L, to PJP Homes LLC.


$940,000, 56-60 Hopedale St, Mcneal LLC, to Mcbride LLC. $369,900, 18 Highland St, Binney, James L, to Lock, Douglas A, and Cerulli, Paula M.


$267,000, 45 Williamsville Rd, Goodnow, Richard J, to Morrison, Dianna L, and Morrison, Douglas E.


$276,000, 248 Main St #417, Devane, Mark R, and Devane, Maureen C, to 11 Dover Circle RT, and Fessler, Patricia. $263,000, 47 Manning St, 47 Manning Street RT, and Leoleis, Mary A, to Low, Isaac. $246,667, 22 Fort Meadow Dr, Beauchesne, Linn, and Frederick, Leslie, to Innerasky, Richard H, and Innerasky, Cris L. $142,500, 22-A Howe St #22A, Arthur W Walker LT, and Summers, Cathleen H, to Rent King Boston LLC. $100,000, 131 Forest Ave, Landry, Robert W, and Landry, Judith B, to Gmas RT, and Landry, Gregg D. $15,000, 10 Temple Ave, Miller, Dawn, to Devine, James T.


$340,000, 650 Blue Heron Dr #650, Grayzel, Roy E, and Grayzel, Catherine, to Taylor, Janice.




$439,000, 758 Lancaster Ave, Norton, Paul K, and Norton, Diane R, to Provenzano, David, and Goetz, Emily. $359,900, 260 Arbor St, Biker, William E, and Hood-Biker, Jennifer M, to Curran, Nicholas E. $260,000, 9 Pleasantview Ave, Decarolis, Nicholas, to Merritt, Donna J.


$505,000, 89 Kelleher St, Dehner, William J, and Dehner, Vivian A, to Vaccaro, David M, and Vaccaro, Joan M. $484,900, 87 Ahlgren Cir, Honer FT, and Honer, Joanne B, to Duffin, Jennifer M, and Wyllie, Edwin J. $415,000, 195 Reservoir St, T&D NT, and Ragsdale-Pozerycki, T A, to Harding, Valerie S. $405,000, 75 Whitelock Dr, Palma, Robert M, and Palma, Dawn, to Arthur, Rachel, and Elyse, Daniel. $400,000, 82 Raffaele Rd, Phan-Ho, Kim L, and Ho, Nhut M, to Silva, Nicolas, and Pinheiro, Lucilene L. $299,000, 67 Crystal Brook Way #D, Crystal Brook, Owen, Jonathan M, and Owen, Kristine E, to Burdette, Mark. $297,000, 28 Broad St #103, Mulcahey, Elaine, to Mulcahey, Robert F, and Caruso, Stephanie M. $150,000, 35 Hosmer St #14, Isaac, Akberet M, to Todd, Benjamin M.


$1,275,000, 30 Cape Rd, Pine Hill RT, and Grenga, John S, to 30 Cape Road LLC. $660,783, 7 Locust Hill Dr, Sylvan Springs RT, and Wheeler, D Bruce, to Berger, Daniel A, and Naselli, Antonella. $60,240, 1 Western Circle Ave, Mcdermott, Dorothy M, and Wilmington T NA Tr, to Flip Side LLC.


$451,000, 35 Woodridge Rd, Silva, Ana C, to Schermerhorn, Eric, and Mossman, Jill. $415,000, 12 Caroline Dr, Smith, Shawn A, and Smith, Cheryl L, to Schroeder, Kevin M, and Schroeder, Chelsea R. $386,500, 40 Whitewood Rd, Lawrence, Raymond E, to Mascary, Katie E, and Mascary, Kevin. $354,900, 42 Jionzo Rd, Rey, Gloria, to Vieira-DaSilva, Martins, and Vieira-DaSilva, Martins. $352,500, 4 Fern St, Berrini-Shaner, James M, and Berrini-Shaner, Susan R, to Leblanc, Donald, and Leblanc, Lisa. $340,000, 29 Whitney St, Cavicchi, David, to Tringali, Lucia E. $260,000, 8 Charles St, Charlesview Place Inc, to Baez-Serrano, Diomara. $235,000, 21 E Wood St #21, Griffin, Andrew M, and Griffin, Roger, to Tosches, Paul M, and Saunders, Geena M. $188,000, 71 Prospect St #71, Joyce, Herbert W, and Joyce, Donna M, to Parisi-Dasilva, Alycia M. $184,000, 11 Shadowbrook Ln #31, Chinchilla, Mauro, to Qiao, Huizhen. $139,000, 19 Alden St #D, Drowne, Jessica, to Petrea, Adelina E, and Carey, Matthew G.


$463,870, 4 Mogren Dr, TPR Homes LLC, to Zheng, Mei X, and Chen, Xiuyue. $365,000, 44 Dolan Rd, Mcginty, Michael A, and Mcginty, Shannon, to Dahdouh, Michael. $230,000, 16 Wildwood Rd, Araujo, Magno R, to Mailloux, Jillian, and Mailloux, Elliot.


$330,000, 54 Hope St, Wilson, Edward H, and Wilson, Mandi M, to Silva-Almeida, Sizete G, and Almeida, Victoria M. $60,000, 46 West St, A&J RT, and Daniello, John A, to Giguere, Emile J, and Vargas, Scott. $47,500, 132 Main St, Carroll, Margaret M, to Juskavitch, Preston.

North Brookfield

$229,900, 15 Nursery Ave, Picket Fence Properties, to Contonio, Brandon J. $139,000, 26 Fullam Hill Rd, Citibank NA Tr, to Remington, William A, and Remington, Karina J. $90,000, 12 Walnut St, USA HUD, to Mignosa, Paul.


$385,000, 161 Brigham St, Ontso Margaret E Est, and Ontso, Christopher S, to Moreno, Erin. $304,081, 25 Hamilton Rd, Dickie, Maryellen, and Wells Fargo Bank NA, to FHLM. $300,000, 74 Summer St #A, Emge, Corrine B, to Lyons, William. $237,500, 36 E Main St, Depaoli, Gregory A, to Diaz, Lubia N.


$399,000, 173 Fir Hill Ln, Joe Marinella Contracting, to Sylvestre, Frantz. $380,000, 345 Marston Rd, Maloney, Brian E, and Maloney, Elva B, to Payen, Manasse. $359,100, 2811 Providence Rd, Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr, to Aviles, Dayanet, and Torres, David A. $274,900, 9 Casey Rd, Calvo-Rey, Genoveva C, and Cabral, Genoveva, to Eichholz, Kurt D, and Eichholz, Laurie A. $272,500, 858 Providence Rd, Holland, Patrick, to Carter, Nancy, and Souza-Machado, Ademir W.


$212,500, 145 Fairman Rd, Plant, Eleanor M, to Watson, Richard. $125,000, 30 E Main St, TD Bank NA, to Le, Huong. $115,000, 72 Mattawa Cir, Henderson David A Est, and Henderson, Robert T, to Johannsson, Lisa A.


$1,000,000, 732 Main St, NMD Realty LLC, to CHK LLC. $398,000, 7 Michelle Ln, Knowlton, Eric P, and Knowlton, Cathleen M, to Trombly, Neal, and Vescera, Nicole. $350,000, 11 Sullivan Blvd, Scioletti, Neil J, and Scioletti, Jessica R, to Beer, Joshua A. $295,000, 1 Highland Ave, Morris, Shannon, and Morris, Keith, to Meh, Pray, and Reh, Bu. $272,000, 12 Rhonda Rheault Dr, Froio-Chaput, Caterina, and Carrington Mortgage Svcs, to Bank New York Mellon Tr. $219,000, 626 Main St, Slauenwhite, Jessica L, and Slauenwhite, Randy, to Hogge, Richard J. $180,000, 59 Old Howarth Rd, Duclos, Michelle L, and Duclos, Michelle, to JNW Realty LLC. $74,000, 13 Birch Point Shrs, Najarian, Greg, and Wells Fargo Bank NA, to Pollock, Ruby.


$60,000, Marshall St, Labibanali RT, and Ali, Labiba, to ASN Group LLC.


$355,000, 127 West Rd, Blanchard, Deborah J, and Blanchard, Paul R, to Mcquown, Cara M, and Mcquown, Terence P.


$599,900, 263-A Worcester Rd, Sandstrom, Robert E, and Sandstrom, Janet G, to Walcott, Samuel C, and Walcott, Laura K. $437,000, 235 Mirick Rd, Paulson, Audrey B, and Paulson, Robert M, to Knowlton, Eric, and Knowlton, Cathleen. $175,000, 34 Goodnow Rd #2, Stamateris, Rachel, to Lynch-Cadwallader, Mary.


$128,000, 96 Athol Rd, Lord, Pamela N, and Lord, Robert J, to Beauvais, Sean M, and Beauvais, Samantha L. $12,000, Athol Rd #44, Jones Alice L Est, and Logue, Mary S, to Lively, Kenneth P, and Lively, Andrea L. $12,000, NE Fitzwilliam Rd, Jones Alice L Est, and Logue, Mary S, to Lively, Kenneth P, and Lively, Andrea L.


$479,900, 175-A Glenwood Rd, Contractors, to Nathan, Christopher, and Nathan, Adrianna. $450,000, 21 Valley View Cir, Weber, Edward S, and Garabedian-Weber, Dawn M, to Power, Joseph P, and Power, Marisa F. $254,000, 6 Joanna Dr, Almstrom C D Est, and Almstrom, Russell C, to Keller, James D. $126,010, 116 Maple Ave, FHLM, to Bracewell, Stephen C.


$1,050,000, 24 Birch Ln, Harrington, George H, and Harrington, Nancy, to Mada, Karthik, and Bheemreddy, Aparna. $810,000, 136 Prospect St, Prospect St RT, and Raziuddin, Mohammed, to Osmani, Shujaat, and Shujaat, Husna. $665,000, 249 Gulf St, Mohammed, Azam, to Generelli, Anthony J, and Xie, Biqun. $615,540, 71 Holman St, Amdur, Susan J, to Chilli, Dada K, and Chilli, Ummera. $449,000, 19 Saturn Dr, Ralys, Jonathan K, and Ralys, Kristy L, to Daniel, Nathan R, and Daniel, Rachel B. $421,000, 83 Sajda Dr #83, Agnes Bolton RET 2018, and Kiefer, Alison A, to Wagner, Karl F, and Wagner, Susan E. $387,224, 30 Fruit St, Mills, Jeffery P, and Mills, Nicole R, to Turning Point Investments. $350,000, 257 Main St, Whitney Street Home Bldrs, to Wu, Joae, and Wang, Gang. $267,500, 57 North St #3, 57 North Street RT 2000, and Iaconi, Francesca, to Corriveau, Jennifer R.


$370,000, 71 Oliver St, Laroche, Dennis R, and Laroche, Donna J, to Devon P LLC. $370,000, 79 Oliver St, Laroche, Dennis R, and Laroche, Donna J, to Devon P LLC. $305,000, 40 Hillside Rd, Servant, Ryan, and Servant, Kaitlin L, to Mitchell, Margaret. $294,900, 89 Dennison Ln, Blais, Adam R, and Blais, Erika M, to Cid, Meghann R, and Cid, Jose F. $264,900, 13 Wildberry Ln, Geldbaum LLC, to Edtl, Art O, and Edtl, Wanda L. $205,000, 35 Spring St, Richer, Todd R, and Khunin, Suwimon, to Rivera, Oscar, and Rivera, Gloria M. $85,000, 112 Riverview Pl #6-5, Laura L Krushefsky T, and Molinaro, Tracie L, to Simpson, Elizabeth A. $42,000, Highfield Dr #6, Caar Development LLC, to Geldbaum LLC.


$359,000, 4 Kingsbury Rd, Goodie, Robert, to Buenacosa, Brian M, and Buenacosa, Elizabeth E. $260,000, 11 Lake Whittemore Dr, Sutherland, Edward, and Sutherland, Judith, to Hinman, Robert D, and Hinman, Tracie A. $235,000, 16 Wall St, 16 Wall Street RT, and Cook, Justin M, to 2019 LLC. $110,000, 41 N Spencer Rd, Evans, James G, and Olson, Donna J, to Mcgill, Rbert, and Poissant, Michelle M.


$539,000, 60 Rugg Rd, Anne M Weaver RET, and Weaver, Anne, to Hellman-Flatt, Gregory, and Flatt, Cynthia H. $405,000, 22 Bean Rd, Baldarelli E J Est, and Shaw, Holly M, to Wheeler, Joshua J, and Wheeler, Krystal L. $341,500, 52 Clinton Rd #52, LCM RT, and Scarsella, John P, to Farnsworth, Devin M. $320,000, 6 Hilltop Dr, Florence J Noponen 1999 T, and Noponen, Florence J, to Rubio, Jeffrey, and Rubio, Josue E. $265,100, 3 Newell Hill Rd, Grasso, Kyle, and Grasso, Caleigh, to Marriott, Kelsey. $263,000, 5 Patriots Way #B, Warner, Sherilyn K, to Gustafson, Amanda I.


$675,000, 173 Charlton Rd, StIves RT, and Neal, Edmond A, to Steerage Rock Properties. $459,000, 128 Paradise Ln, Comee, Shaun D, to Phillips, Kadion, and Phillips, Michele. $370,000, 116 Fiske Hill Rd, Booth, Richard J, and Booth, Deneene R, to Blais, Adam R, and Blais, Erika M. $329,900, 153 Cedar St, Phillips, Kadion, and Phillips, Michele, to Bailey, Christopher E, and Luke, Lisa L. $306,500, 7 Cooper Rd, Hybiske, Thomas J, and Hybiske, Eileen A, to Perrone, Giovanni A, and Perrone, Kristen L. $246,000, 63 Steeple Vw #63, Peck, Jeffrey A, and Dossantos-Peck, Sandra F, to Lyn, Amy E. $213,000, 63 Arnold Rd, Rossi, Virginia, to Roughan, Matthew T. $22,000, 120 Podunk Rd, Habitat For Humanity, to Magliaro, Timothy M. $22,000, 122 Podunk Rd, Habitat For Humanity, to Magliaro, Timothy M. $10,000, 551 Leadmine Rd, Earls, Thomas P, to Rendon, Marco, and Rendon, Angel A.


$800,000, 53 Burbank Rd, Sangermano, Peter J, and Sangermano, Pamela L, to Sibley Farm LLC. $550,000, 356 Manchaug Rd, Lecouteur, Edward J, and Lecouteur, Rebecca S, to Rensselear Properties Ltd. $315,000, 316 W Sutton Rd, Bertnell Realty Inc, to Olges Homes LLC. $250,000, 211 Boston Rd, Bebka, Karen E, to Giovannucci, Ross, and Giovannucci, Ashley. $200,000, 9 Providence Rd, Roy, Susan M, to Deluca, Benjamin.


$275,000, 21 Sunrise Dr, Farren, John J, and Farren, Charlene A, to Cormier, Jennifer, and Cormier, James. $275,000, 49 Albert Dr, Agnir, Sharon R, and Agnir, Frederick, to Ortiz-Lima, Luis S. $130,000, 375 State Rd, Szavoick, Thomas F, to Aho, Douglas P. $92,800, Cottage St, Flanagan, Cynthia M, and Hines, Cynthia M, to Marmanidis, Melissa.


$240,000, 246 Owls Nest Ln, Rosen, Stanley F, to Seaver, Michael F, and Seaver, Heather E.


$345,000, 28 Emery Rd, Morris, John P, and Morris, Samantha J, to Grasso, Kyle, and Grasso, Caleigh. $337,900, 84 Maplewood Dr, David J Kulvete RET, and Kulvete, David J, to Dale, Tristan, and Sanchez, Maria.


$659,900, 47 Fiske Mill Rd, D&F Afonso Builders Inc, to Abramo, Michael A. $349,900, 72 W Main St, Robinson, Michael F, and Robinson, Doreen A, to Tasse, Michael E, and Tasse, Marlene A.


$529,900, 45 Maslows Way, TTK Real Estate LLC, to Jassmond, Robert A, and Jassmond, Jane M. $373,000, 59 Witek Cir, Valle, Alfredo, and Magelaner-Valle, Marianne, to Bromberg, Eric, and Bromberg, Lisa. $354,000, 435 Chestnut St, US Bank NA Tr, to Burkle, Gordon. $324,000, 125 Johnson Rd, USA HUD, to Kever, Kathy, and Pandolfi, Gary. $257,000, 20 High St, Bromberg, Eric, and Bromberg, Lisa, to Coffin, Stephanie C, and Hanson, Taylor J. $255,000, 15 Hecla St, Bilodeau, Paula M, and Bilodeau, Robert F, to Schram, Matthew. $225,000, 72 Harvest Rd #72, Camille, Barry E, to Bentley, Megan. $219,900, 3 Strathmore Shire Dr #C, Coffey, Jillian A, to Lopes, Marcio F, and Soares, Flainaina C.


$400,000, 22 Coldbrook Dr, Renaud, Sandra, to Tarantino, Donna E. $275,000, 29 Sczygiel Rd, Connolly, Brian, to Montanez, Roger T, and Montanez, Elizabeth R. $90,000, 100 W Main St, Balliett Matthew R Est, and Balliett, Robert W, to Wheeler, Paul A. $16,000, 11 Cummings St, Anton, Sultana, to Anton, Kamal B. $14,000, 8 School St, Anton, Sultana, to Anton, Kamal B.


$339,000, 1302 Bemis Rd, Fountain&Sons Fuel Co, to Larocco, Steven A, and Larocco, Christine M.


$360,000, 44 Camile Rd, Marko, Athena, to Leon, Daniel, and Santana, Adriana L. $340,000, 27 Lower Gore Rd, Wescott Custom Homes LLC, to Genatossio, Philip L. $269,900, 30 Stoughton Ave, Edward J&L V Para IRT, and Para, Dale E, to Dimmich, Vicki K. $215,000, 21 3rd St #C, Mccooey, David, to Edward J&L V Para IRT, and Para, Dale E. $200,400, 141 N Main St #B, JPEG Realty Inc, to Julian, Robert. $199,900, 141 N Main St #1, JPEG Relty Inc, to Damoah, Bartholomew. $154,000, 237 Killdeer Rd, Gauvin, John, and Gauvin, Cheryl L, to Carbonneau, Francis E, and Carbonneau, Mary. $35,000, 91 Worcester Rd, Verdone, Steven A, to Verdone, Thomas E. $35,000, 91 Worcester Rd, Verdone, Robert V, to Verdone, Thomas E.

West Boylston

$360,000, 32 Pheasant Hill Run, Franceschi, Anne W, and Wangui-Kanjuru, Anne, to Nguiguti, Antony, and Kamau, Helen. $204,000, 54 Maple St, Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, to Pickoff Properties LLC. $150,000, 8 May St, Sullivan, Kerry D, to Sullivan, Korey, and Novia, Andrew.

West Brookfield

$179,000, 15 School St, Miller, Gary E, and Miller, Margaret, to Doldo, Michael, and Walker, Heather.


$840,000, 20 Wachusett View Dr, Sullivan, Robert G, and Sullivan, Maureen A, to Tagaram, Sandhya, and Madireddy, Shashidhar. $652,000, 20 Old Nourse St, Vaccaro, David, and Vaccaro, Joan, to Smith, Sean, and Smith, Jessica. $390,000, 51 Flanders Rd, Collette, Philip A, and Collette, Deborah F, to Badamikar, Neeraj, and Malpally, Deephi R.


$467,535, 19 White Pine Dr, Traditional Concepts Inc, to Primeau, Christopher D, and Khan, Tricia B. $255,000, 9 Lakefield Rd, Wellman, Kay M, to Rameau, Max J, and Cassie, Hanna M. $238,500, 6 Val Rd, Ruel, Michael R, and Ruel, June M, to Kanan, Andrew P, and Kenney, Christine A. $75,000, 55 Ashburnham State Rd, MTGLQ Investors LP, to Gearin, Timothy.


$266,000, 5 Bayberry Cir, Oakes Michael D Est, and Thibeault, Dale, to Simila, Caleb L. $120,000, 424 Hale St, Lawrence, M Elmina, to Alger, Ronald F, and Alger, Michelle. $115,260, 4 Front St, Leray, Arthur R, to White, Leann.


$16,100,000, 1 Brookside Ave, Northland Tatnuck LLC, to VA 7 Tatnuck LLC. $16,100,000, 12 Brookside Ave, Northland Tatnuck LLC, to VA 7 Tatnuck LLC. $1,913,043, 418 Park Ave, SBKFC Holdings LLC, to Domont Properties LLC. $1,125,000, 95 Prescott St, PA Development LLC, and Millbury National Bank, to 95-99 Prescott St Hldgs. $575,000, 53 Gage St, 53 Gage Street RT, and Ermani, Michel, to 53 Gage Street LLC. $514,000, 30 Montclair Dr, Pervier Mary Ann Est, and Knight, James A, to Straight, Benjamin R, and Straight, Celeste F. $465,000, 8 Woodcliffe Ave, Dobson, David, and Dobson, Teresa, to Jordao, Wenygttom D. $450,000, 72 Dewey St, Kaflay, Chandra P, and Kaflay, Muna, to Joshi, Riya, and Gyawali, Dipendra. $440,000, 44 Windham St, Paulino, Kelvin, and Paulino, Ruth, to Mboma, Willy, and Wasso, Passy. $387,000, 5 Cohasset St, Wyskoczka, William P, and Wyskoczka, Joceline, to Chima, Chiamaka. $377,000, 40 Oberlin St, Molinari, Dennis P, to Balsavich, Steven. $362,000, 5 Arbor Vitae St, V&J LLC, to Naicker, Monish. $360,000, 61 Eastern Ave, Sanchez, Wilian E, and Sanchez, Carlos, to Lee, Julianna H, and Lee, Jay W. $355,000, 41 Brighton Rd, Leet, Joshua D, and Leet, Ana M, to Lawler, Katherine R, and Gitkind, Benjamin P. $328,650, 67 Cobblestone Ln #63, Worcester Country Club, to Malecki, Lester M, and Malecki, Jeanne E. $325,000, 6 Chippewa Rd, Joan M Lyons T, and Campbell, Kathryn M, to Legacy, Christopher J, and Bryant, Anne-Marie. $310,000, 54 Lyman St, Wahlstrom, Justin P, and Wahlstrom, Melissa, to Jackson, Keith. $292,000, 273 Burncoat St, Lind, Jeffrey H, and Lind, Mary J, to Zenon, Lydia, and Zenon, Moses. $291,500, 64 Jennings St, Lostracco, Joseph, to Lundin, Alexander W, and Lundin, Nicholas J. $286,000, 20 Stoneland Rd, Dee Gloria E Est, and Carella, Louise E, to Potter, Ben. $280,000, 17 Esther St, Boateng Barbara A Est, and Boateng, Richmond, to Tomen RT, and Tomen, Guy R. $275,000, 8 Longwood Ave, Donoghue, Stephanie, to Hamwey, Katie, and Hamwey, Travis. $273,000, 10 Rockrimmon Rd, Cheng, Tiffiniy, to Difrancesco, Gregory H, and Belford, Nicole M. $266,000, 3 Belcourt Rd, Drake Steven Allen Est, and Bouvier-Pradavano, T M, to Bouvier-Pradavano, Tina M. $264,900, 72 Upland St #D, 72 Upland Street RT, and Farnham, Mark S, to Sar, Kesey, and Tarimo, William. $264,000, 139 Barnard Rd, Eichholz, Kurt D, and Eichholz, Laurie A, to Coffey, Jillian A. $259,900, 72 Upland St #C, 72 Upland Street RT, and Farnham, Mark S, to Geoghegan, Michael. $255,000, 2 Blair St, Malatesta, Nicholas, to Tran, Viet V. $250,000, 73 Wyola Dr, Otoole, David L, and Otoole, Dorohty M, to Nguyen, Joseph. $240,000, 76 Dana Ave, Hendricken, M Diane, to Huynh, Truong, and Huynh, Nguyen. $233,000, 9 Scandinavia Ave, Truong, Van D, to Manu, Godfred. $230,000, 156 Orient St, Rosario, Nuris O, to Langer, Rakhee. $222,000, 23 Valmor St, Dunlevy, Kevin P, to Taylor, Sabina. $202,000, 14 Ferraro St, Cabral, Linda, and Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, to V&J LLC. $201,500, 50 Goddard Memorial Dr, Nderitu, Margaret, to Thuo, Lucy N. $196,000, 221 Norfolk St, Gichuru, Paul G, and Gichuru, Rachel, to Anim, George, and Ofori-Anim, Abena T. $181,000, 24 Epworth St, NRZ REO 10 LLC, to Meticulous LLC. $172,555, 611 Cambridge St, Santander Bank NA, to Naim, Yoram B. $170,000, 3 Herbert Rd, Dillon David K Est, and Bruso, Donna-Marie, to Parsons, Steven, and Doherty, Gloria. $167,500, 66 Southgate St, Rensselaer Properties Ltd, to Sahil Properties LLC. $160,000, 36 Delawanda Dr, Morrison, David J, to Morrison, David J, and Tremonte, Timothy. $147,500, 17 Saint Johns Rd, Oster, Kenneth J, and Oster, Antoinette A, to 17 Saint Johns Road LLC. $142,000, 20 Ascadilla Rd, Vieira, Adam, and MTGLQ Investors LP, to 20 Ascadilla Road RT, and Meehan, Mark. $140,000, 15 Blodgett Pl, Anastacio, Joel, to 5 Blodgett Place LLC. $140,000, 35 Coes St, MTGLQ Investors LP, to Pickoff Properties LLC. $135,000, 15 Millbury St, Nhan, An L, to Murphy, Edward J. $132,000, 18 Airlie St #5, Khalili, Hossein, to Tripp, Kayla A. $105,000, 48 Gibbs St #2D, Zambrano, Yolanda, and Villamil, Yolanda, to Patel, Pranav. $79,000, 83 W Boylston St #6, FHLM, to FHLM. $45,000, 484 Main St #180, In Courage Mint LLC, to Choice 1 Realty LLC.


By Lela