$605,000, 165 Hosley Rd, Kosakowski, Steven J, and Kosakowski, Brenda L, to Walker, Jason T. $450,000, 49 Main St, Naukeag Associates LLC, to Ashburnham Business Ctr. $257,000, 6 Balsam Dr, Resilient Investments LLC, to Tuck, Christopher M. $255,000, 15 Westminster St, Property Investment Sltn, to Benvenutti, Martinha. $252,000, 96 Platts Rd, Hamel, Gerald J, and Hamel, Mary C, to Mongeau, Todd M, and Durkee, Elizabeth A.


$93,000, Greenville Rd, Engaging Heaven Ministrs, to Steckbeck Organization.


$205,000, 304 Riverview Ave, Tuck, Christopher M, to Worsham, Paul S, and Worsham, Holly J. $140,000, 111 Silver Lake St, Johnson, Lars O, and Johnson, Lottie J, to Mccarron, Edward T, and Mccarron, Kristine B. $128,700, 144 Rice St, Duguay, Karen, and Pennymac Loan Services, to Pennymac Loan Services.


$594,350, 10 Whitetail Run, Crescent Builders Inc, to Karas, Gosia. $480,000, 1 Bridle Path, Myers, Glenn E, and Myers, Denise M, to Hayston, Jesse, and Hayston, Michaela. $389,000, 41 Potter Farm Rd, 41 Potter Farm Road RT, and Kobel, Marilyn M, to Myers, Glenn E, and Myers, Denise M. $327,500, 6 Green St, Stolle, Jordan D, and Trovato, Jessica L, to Lewis, Kristin R. $206,200, 4 Lady Slipper Ln #2, Bates, Ethel E, to Bates-Tarrant, Donna M, and Tarrant, John C. $155,000, 4 Munger Dr, White Picket Partners LLC, to Property Providers LLC.


$250,000, 336 Loring Rd, Randonia LLC, to Gaudette, Carolyn D. $180,333, 835 Wauwinet Rd, US Bank NA, to Godfrey, Joanne.


$527,000, 64 Randall Rd, Jones, Andrew J, to Silva, Leandro L, and Freire-Silva, Nayara. $318,500, 75 Coburn Rd, Murphy, Timothy A, to Krantz, Harrison R.


$471,000, 24 Carol Ln, Morin, Diane, and Morin, Thomas A, to Plouffe, Leo A, and Plouffe, Lillian E. $367,500, 99 Main St, Picket Fence Properties, to Guerrero, Jonathan, and Byrd, Juliane F. $320,000, 31 Summer St, Varrichione, Maria L, and Calitri, David P, to Whitney, Eric, and Whitney, Jessica. $295,000, 29 Reilly Ave, Reilly Avenue 29 RT, and Vieira, Fernando J, to Vieira, Thomas, and Vieira, Jessica. $230,324, 118 Canal St, Marvelle, Roger R, and Citizens Bank NA, to Citizens Bank NA. $180,000, 75 Main St, Bemis, Ralph R, to StDenis, Abigail, and Wills, Carol A. $150,862, 549 Summer Pl, Kellenberger, Gary D, and Siwell Inc, to FHLM. $117,600, 38 Fox Run Rd #38, Dubois, Bernice E, to Desrosiers, Denise M.


$975,000, 5 John Powers Ln, KMR Real Estate LLC, to Nesbeitt, Peter, and Chien, Ina. $783,250, 14 Houghton Farm Ln, High Oaks RT, and Kiley, Robert P, to Mclean, Sheila K, and Mclean, Ronald D. $395,000, 14 Liberty Rd, Armstrong, Kevin D, and Armstrong, Argyro, to Palatino, Lindsey R, and Parker, Sean A.


$357,000, 71 King Rd, Bowlin, Renee J, to Mayo, Stephen A. $339,000, 41 Sunset Dr, Jennings, Brant T, and Jennings, Tamera, to Mcginn, Bryan, and Fournier, Shayna B. $123,000, 93 Center Depot Rd #55, Latino, John, to Anderson, Alicia.


$810,000, 23-25 Prospect St, Prospect Street T, and Karasowa, Bernadette, to KM R2 Realty LLC. $469,340, 911 Crestwood Ln #911, Crabtree Heights LLC, to Kurkjy, Nicholas, and Lemont, Leah M. $420,000, 4 Deer Run Cir, Wickham, Patricia A, and Ritchell, Christopher, to King, Gareth, and King, Lauren. $340,000, 88-90 West St, Schmidt, Christopher D, and Schmidt, Monique, to Cuellar, Neidy L, and Gonzalez, Maida. $330,000, 3 Mcmahon Ave, Turgeon, Brandon L, to Newton, Autumn M, and Hunter, Thomas P. $300,000, 2310 Briarwood Vlg #2310, Kozar, Mark J, and Kozar, Rosaria M, to Rekun, Serge, and Russakovskaya, Olga. $300,000, 340 Church St, Church Street RT, and Leahy, Jayne, to Bailey, Justin. $271,000, 609 Devenwood Way #609, Grasso, Paul, and Grasso, Nicole, to Phayre, Jane. $233,100, 14 Crown St, Valentino, Peter J, and Santander Bank NA, to Santander Bank NA.


$393,000, 151 Martin Rd, Walter Real Estate Ent, to Flis, Susan. $285,000, 253 South St, Florence C Gardiner LT, and Gardiner, Florence C, to Sochia, Tara M, and Sochia, Leon T. $230,515, 98 West St, Johnson, Philip W, to Kennedy, Thomas C. $210,000, 114 Eagle Dr #114, Casey, Kerry A, to Romani, Gavin A, and Romani, Elizabeth M.


$279,900, 26 Charlton Rd, Donald J Menzone IRT, and Surrette, Cheryl A, to Ceredona, Linda, and Thomas, Nena A. $230,000, 38 Pine St, Irene L Martel FT, and Panella, Susan M, to Theriault, Billie J.


$388,000, 301 Billings Rd, Dupill, Ryan M, and Karpinski, Joseph P, to Johnson, Patrick, and Hooper, Cheryl. $304,000, 46 Shawna St, Comesana, Erin K, and Comesana, Diego I, to Dupill, Ryan M, and Karpinski, Joseph P. $281,800, 39-41 Cliff St, 39 Cliff Street RT, and Harrison, John, to Steinkraus, Esther. $264,000, 4 Fairbanks St, Blaisdell, Robert G, and Blaisdell, Michelle F, to Angwafo, Biawah B. $229,000, 123-125 Day St, Casey, Thomas A, to Belliard, Jose. $208,000, 22-24 Beech St, Eldamar Properties LLC, to Cepeda-Uribe, Alex. $190,000, 40 Sanborn St, Gyles, Daniel H, to Valera, Shawn J. $161,100, 56 Shattuck St, Connors Craig A Est, and Connors, Lindsay, to Galva, Raphael. $101,450, 21 School St, Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr, to Martinez, Jose N. $92,500, 91 Mack Rd, Baystate Investment Fund, to Steeves, Aaron. $11,000, 8 Hale St, HTG Investments LLC, to Testa, James L.


$351,000, 20 Foster Ct, Miller, Edward A, and Miller, Jean W, to Lopez, William E. $193,500, 130 Leamy St, Lorenzo, Laura A, to Prescott, David A. $130,000, 11 Wright St, BHB Group LLC, to 19 Lodi LLC. $116,000, 265 Waterford St, Saarinen, Rebecca J, and Digital FCU, to Scribner Properties LLC. $40,000, 45 Greenwood Pl, Maattala Valeria A Est, and Maattala, Penelope A, to RBDB LLC.


$440,500, 4 Pratt St, Emmons, Michael, and Emmons, Kasondra L, to Bassila, Kelly A. $425,000, 114 North St, 114 North St LLC, to Decareau, Joseph, and Gassett, Kristie. $348,800, 6 Westview St, Diep, Larry, to Dougherty, Meaghan K. $336,500, 4 Sunset Ln, Chase, Trisha A, and Grady, Sean, to Figueroa, Fernando M, and Clifford, Kaitlyn N. $330,000, 148 Keith Hill Rd, Byrum FT, and Couture, Jennifer P, to Saavedra, Jose A, and Jordan, Elizabeth. $316,100, 25 Pullard Rd, Wirthl, William, and Flynn, Sabrina, to Pullard Road LLC. $167,000, 18 Ferry St, Messina, Thomas J, to Picard, Briana J. $85,000, 51 N Main St, Amsden, Kenneth M, and Citizens Bank NA, to Citizens Bank NA.


$551,250, 8 Park Ln, Dolan, Ryan, and Dolan, Kaitlyn, to Siff, Sean D, and Whiting-Siff, Anne. $450,000, 96 Grant Rd #A, Devens Village Green LLC, to Maldonado-Rodriguez, W I.


$520,000, 72 Sycamore Dr, Manero, Charles J, and Manero, Diane C, to Ancheta, Moses S, and Chan, Ying. $475,000, 77 Sycamore Dr, Brown, Barbara A, and Brown, Christopher C, to Orr, John A, and Orr, Margery R. $435,000, 49 Harvest Cir #49, Williams, Jane M, and Williams, Christina L, to Glasier, Ronald, and Glasier, Marilyn J. $399,900, 2 Torrey Ln #14, CJ&J Consulting Ltd, to Tsitsos, Tomi, and Treska, Krisida. $260,000, 21 Wentworth Dr, Damelio, Daniel J, and Peterson, Kristen M, to Thompson, William, and Thompson, Karen. $220,000, 23 Mayflower Cir, Charron, Jason M, and Charron, Thao, to Lacaire, Anthony M, and Lacaire, John J. $172,500, 969 Main St #5, Kurt, Peter G, and Kurt, Cagil, to Josti, Ryan, and Luciano, Amelia.


$200,000, 1 Forest Ct, Letendre, Tiffany M, and Letendre, Nathan A, to Noonan, Alexander, and Ruiz, Stephany. $18,296, 8 Chandler Rd, FNMA, to Jebola Properties Inc.


$408,875, 7 Ed Clark Rd, Daly, Kendall B, and Daly, Sheila M, to Meagher, Michael, and Meagher, Kathleen. $266,000, 43 High Bridge Rd, Morrissey, Timothy J, and Morrissey, Pamela J, to Kilmartin, James M, and Kilmartin, Jennifer.


$585,000, 15 Sauta Farm Way #15, Sauta Farm RT, and Manning, Brenda B, to Bowhers, James V, and Bowhers, Joan L. $480,000, 92 Brook St, Frison, Shannon, and Hall-Frison, Geneive, to Ives, James, and Ives, Irandi. $380,000, 11 Laurel Dr, Kruger, Jeremy T, to Schwalb, David. $337,500, 8 Bradford Rd, Cronin, Francis J, to Sousa, Tyler A, and Woodard, Danielle N. $284,000, 150 River St, Cronin, Dennis M, and Cronin, Timothy F, to Murphy, Colin. $239,900, 425 Main St #9C, Gruttner, Frances, to Murphy, Carrie A.


$855,000, 62 Hawthorne Ln, Melanson Bros Inc, to Smith, Donald S, and Smith, Erin E. $380,000, 2372 N Main St, Alves-DosSantos, Jose I, and Santos-Cassemiro, Kenia, to Tambling, Alex, and Tambling, Chantelle. $337,000, 1171 Main St, Worthington, Joseph F, and Cormier-Worthington, K, to Grahn, Samantha R, and Dudley, Paul A.


$450,000, 3 Leela Ln, Terrien, Stephen D, and Terrien, Jill M, to Giguere, Michael P, and Giguere, Heather M. $385,000, 18 Broad St, Campanale, John R, and Campanale, Deborah A, to Ramos, Alyssa M, and Fehser, Jacob M. $315,000, 66-A Hemlock St, Wickson, Christopher P, and Wickson, Michelle L, to Laflamme, Matthew A, and Laflamme, Jennifer W. $290,000, 414 Pine St, Marinucci, Michael P, to Walsh, Shane, and Walsh, Brittany. $135,500, 2 Lyndebrook Dr, Tomolonius, Barbara A, to Collins, Glen, and Collins, Theresa. $132,000, 75 Huntoon Memorial Hwy #4-10, Gosselin, Laura, and Poirier, Nancy A, to Ninos, Andrew M.


$639,450, 1163 Pleasant St, Greenstone Realty LLC, to Centofanti, John A, and Centofanti, Susan V. $407,000, 41 Long Hill Dr, Miranda, Cynthia, to Ojimam, Godfrey, and Mbabazi, Christine A. $406,900, 76 Massapoag Rd, Ferragamo, Michael G, and Ferragamo, Kajsa B, to 76 Massapoag Road RT, and Mccarty, Daniel J. $355,000, 214 Pleasant St, Duval, Kevin, and Duval, Gladys, to Mchugh, Sarah. $335,000, 266 Abbott Ave, Arruda, Adam L, and Arruda, Patricia M, to Namuwonge, Evelyn, and Buyinza, Kevin. $308,000, 9 Oxford St, King, Lauren, and King, Gareth, to Helmersen, Angela C. $301,500, 88 Grant St, 88 Grant Street RT, and Cipolla, V James, to Redd, Robin, and Redd, Dickson. $265,000, 64 Shire Rd #64, 64 Shire Road Unit 20 RT, and Feroci, Anthony V, to Hernandez, Carmen J. $255,000, 22 Hopkins St, Gionet IRT, and Gionet, Mark, to Jeanpierre, Judelande J. $175,000, 108 Eden Gln, Carier, Dennys, and Arcucci, Ashleigh, to Segura, Henry A, and Mejia, Luis. $175,000, 62 Meadow Pond Dr #F, Mclean, Michele E, to Dinardo, Richard M. $165,000, 48 Fox Meadow Rd #A, Green Dragon LLC, to Langen, Michael B. $140,000, 20 Marshall St, M3 Innovations Inc, to Lionel-Wilfred Properties. $133,000, 42 Lorchris St, French Richard O Est, and Vilkas, Vincent A, to Newvue Liabilities Assets. $70,000, 190 9th St, Cote Ronald E Est, and Cote, Kenneth F, to Cote, Kelly.


$457,500, 708 Goodrich St, Kilcoyne, Brendan P, to Driver, Stephen J, and Driver, Courtney. $345,000, 275 Reservoir Rd, Milner, Christopher R, and Milner, Lisa M, to Basile-Osgood, Ashley E, and Osgood, Matthew V. $325,000, 47 Charlton St, Stevenson, Elaine J, and Grant, Elizabeth A, to Belli, Justin R. $309,900, 42 Memorial Dr, Basile-Osgood, Ashley E, and Osgood, Matthew V, to Brice, Riccardy. $280,000, 83 West St, Hooper, Cheryl L, and Johnson, Patrick M, to Duran, Karlee E.


$430,000, 62 Curtis Ave, Woodworth RT, and Donahue, Wenderlin, to Cruz-Chutan, Lisandro, and Arias, Maria A. $150,000, 100 Granger Blvd #103, Center Place, Alexander, Scot, to Mirzai, Javad.


$325,000, 9 Maple St, Rousseau, Joseph, and Rousseau, Emily, to Lowther, Matthew D, and Lowther, Megan.


$545,000, 9 Hunter Cir, Ann M Gauthier RET, and Gauthier, Daniel R, to Carlin, Matthew G, and Carlin, Leah M. $470,000, 44 Camp St, Wiebers, Charles, and Wiebers, Carolyn, to Miller, Erik. $455,000, 4 Briar Dr, Desimone, James A, to Leblanc, Holly M. $415,000, 3 Jillson Cir, Carlin, Matthew G, and Carlin, Leah M, to Swanson, Patricia A, and Swanson, Sven P. $408,000, 70 Reservoir Rd, Jordan, Christopher L, and Jordan, Dawn M, to Placide, Gilbert. $378,000, 20 S High St, Corrigan FT, and Corrigan, Patrick J, to Espinosa, Charla J. $349,900, 20 Stoney Brook Ln, Miller, Erik, and Compagnone, Marlo K, to Crisafulli, William A. $332,000, 21-23 E Walnut St, Borghi, George J, and Leclaire, Jane M, to Decastro, Michael P. $249,000, 2 E Wood St #2, Pettinari, Leslie A, to Carneiro, Angela. $80,000, 3 Water St, Dasilva, Susana, and Dugan, John G, to Carniero, Frederico, and Carniero, Lisa M. $80,000, 3 Water St, Dasilva, John P, to Carneiro, Frederico, and Carneiro, Lisa M.


$525,000, 6 Cronin Brook Way, Gaftanyuk, Olga, and Gaftanyuk, Vitaliy, to Galli, Christopher R, and Galli, Jadrienne. $400,000, 19 Millbury Ave, Allard, Thomas J, and Allard, Amy L, to Kao, Jordan. $350,000, 83 S Oxford Rd, Sqaure Constritution LLC, to Rabatin, Sean M, and Rabatin, Ashley E. $311,000, 41 Dorothy Rd, Adams, Mark, to Boucher, Colleen S. $151,000, 185 W Main St, Bank New York Mellon Tr, and Laflamme, Alfred H, to 28 Cabinet Kitchen LLC. $50,000, Park Hill Ave #1, Feola, Lori J, to 107 Park Hill Ave LLC.

North Brookfield

$226,000, 81 School St, Toomey, Amy M, to Navedo, Riquito. $178,500, 92 Bell St, Simpson, Derek D, to Burke, Ryan.


$1,100,000, 99 Bartlett St, Parcel A RT, and Miller, Patrice A, to Eng, Alice, and Utzschneider, John. $437,000, 42 Juniper Brook Rd, Mahowald, George F, and Mahowald, Eileen M, to Sieminski, Michael, and Sieminski, Katherine. $97,500, 27 South St #3, 27 South Street RT, and Cavanaugh, Charles, to Singh, Manpreet, and Hirkewal, Sukhwinder.


$566,000, 102 Joseph Cir, Stachowski, Mark J, and Dejesus, Maria C, to Fischer, Garrett, and Ibanez-Fischer, Maria. $512,500, 161 Hannah Dr, Pasture Development Group, to Lajoie, Kenneth H. $290,000, 34 Providence Ln, Schotanus RET, and Schotanus, Martin J, to JSP Associates LLC. $249,000, 281 School St, Carley, Christopher, to Cucchi, Robert S, and Cucchi, Amy L. $101,600, 1084 Providence Rd, Lemieux, Donna, and Bank New York Mellon Tr, to Bank New York Mellon Tr.


$372,000, 2310 Old Turnpike Rd, Cutler, Nicholas J, to Gagne-Freedman, Carol, and Freedman, Martin D.


$165,000, 107 New Athol Rd, Newcomb, George H, and Newcomb, Theresa M, to Stevens, Jake, and Stevens, Alycia.


$325,000, 324 Main St, Bana Preserv Corp, to Morse, Lee T. $295,000, 192 Federal Hill Rd, Godfrey, Gregory D, and Eldridge, Julieann F, to Donis, Kirshner, and Rodriguez, America G. $275,000, 18 June St, Paul&Rita Murphy T, and Murphy, Robert J, to Campanale, Johnr, and Campanale, Deborah A. $140,000, 7 Thayer Pond Dr #17, Clifford, Kaitlyn N, to Katsoulis, Keith M.


$429,900, 19 Lancelot Dr, Harrington, Timothy J, to Romano, Vincent J, and Romano, Brianna E. $427,000, 820 Pleasant St, Foley, Michael F, to Wickson, Christopher P, and Wickson, Michelle L. $294,000, 239 Pleasant St, Bean, Dennis F, and Bean, Marlene F, to Cervantes, Thomas, and Southerland, Sarah. $250,000, 118 West St, C B Blair Development, to Riberdy, Cristina, and Pluta, Michael.


$499,000, 190 Hardwick Rd, France, Ross T, and France, Patricia, to Albert, Melissa L, and Lindberg, Robert A.


$186,000, 234 Deland Rd, USA HUD, to Bradley, Ian, and Bradley, John T. $148,000, 18 Norcross Rd, Patient, Ronald F, and Laelia LLC, to Laelia LLC.


$425,000, 9 Haven Hill Rd, Meagher, Michael R, and Meagher, Kathleen A, to Meagher, Brian, and Lally, Jennifer. $255,000, 30 Maple Ave, Perotto, Samuel M, and Perotto, Amanda E, to Fiene, Bruce M, and Wheeler, Tracy L. $100,000, 176 Maple Ave #6-26, Plante, Christopher T, and Plante, Stephanie, to Defosse, Elizabeth.


$890,000, 566-572 Main St, Block Enterprises Inc, to Arilia Holdings LLC. $710,500, 195 Main St, 195 West Main Street RT, and Mulkern, Kevin A, to Cornerstone Shrewsbury RE. $645,000, 5 Revere Cir #5, Kaufman, Steven A, and Handschuch, Arlene E, to Hoogasian, Steven E, and Hoogasian, Maglenes F. $585,000, 4 Shannon Dr, Rabinovitch, Alexander, and Rabinovitch, Marina, to Grauberger, Jennifer, and Finnesgard, Eric. $524,900, 34 Grove St, Martin, James F, and Martin, Charlene L, to Fallacara, Paul, and Falkowski, Kelly. $435,000, 30 Ferncroft Rd, Davis, Michelle R, to Doucette, Ashley E, and Doucette, John P. $399,900, 284 S Quinsigamond Ave #284, Pamidi, Sreenu, and Pamidi, Prathima, to Mahmood, Omar, and Mahmood, Amara O. $385,000, 35 Ferncroft Rd, Mayer, James, and Mayer, Sandra, to Leary, Danielle, and Mccarthy, Colin. $375,000, 30 Lebeaux Dr #30, Sawin, Virginia T, to Demoura, Luiza H. $315,000, 23 Villa Rd, Simone, Carl M, and Rooney, Joanne M, to Peris, Mark. $300,000, 564 Main St, Block Enterprises Inc, to Arilia Holdings LLC. $205,000, 85 Commons Dr #102, Pacillo, Anthony J, to Fahey, Leo H, and Fahey, Shereen A.


$837,486, 1 Hidden Meadow Ln, Yang, Shang, and Liu, Jieruo, to Syed, Toyiba H, and Banday, Wahid M. $750,000, 53 Wildwood Dr #53, Shaw, Barry, and Shaw, Marjorie, to Balchandani, Nikhil H, and Ahuja, Sonam. $610,000, 11 Stonebrook Ct #11, Absolut RT, and Depietri, William A, to Wirkala, Allan C, and Davis-Wirkala, Jennifer.


$317,000, 191 Blackmer Rd, Bellerive, Paul, to Vessella, Mark S, and Vessella, Jacqueline M. $273,000, 16 Locust Ave, Montigny, Gordon, to Rodriguez-Rivera, Carlos, and Rivera-Martinez, Delimar. $260,000, 25 Highfield Dr, Geldbaum LLC, to Karen L Rieser 2020 RET, and Rieser, Karen L. $225,000, 133 Cliff St, Mai Properties LLC, to Flores, Nefy A. $225,000, 339 Dresser Hill Rd, Fino, Sharon, to Bruinsma, Ashley C, and Sherman, Zachary. $210,000, 22 Wardwell Ct, Mason, Robert W, and Mason, Shelly R, to Suarez, Waldy. $205,000, 139 Hartwell St, Mary Congdon FT, and Starkey, Susan M, to Pena, Luz.


$389,000, 28 Northwest Rd, Gaudette, William C, and Gaudette, Carolyn D, to Derby, Michelle, and Derby, Jamie D. $35,000, Northwest Rd #2, Zalauskas, Donna D, and Binford, Joan L, to Her, Chong, and Her, Shoua K.


$330,000, 63 Wilder Rd, Nordquist Ralph B Est, and Zinkus, Wendy J, to Zinkus, Emily L, and Hammond, Matthew R.


$356,000, 42 Cricket Dr, Odonoghue, Allan J, and Odonoghue, Lauren A, to Steiner, Andrew, and Steiner, Emma. $315,000, 29 Woodside Cir, Oneil-Turley, Holly, and Turley, Keith P, to Miedona, Michael, and Miedona, Anna. $214,000, 58 New Boston Rd, Griffin, Barbara J, to Dahl, Matthew C. $191,000, 199 New Boston Rd, Bertrand, Urban G, to Drake, Dillon, and Julian, Vanessa. $155,500, 145 Main St, Galonek FT, and Galonek, William R, to Merwin, David B.


$585,000, 33 Clubhouse Way #33, Brescia, Leonard, and Brescia, Meghan, to Donovan, Kevin M, and Donovan, Michelle M. $539,900, 5 Boundary Stone Rd, Fraulo, Jeanine M, to Bouvier, Brittany, and Bouvier, Joseph.


$369,900, 1011 Gray Rd, Gagne-Freedman, Carol, and Freeman, Martin, to Perotto, Samuel, and Perotto, Amanda. $369,900, 51 Baptist Common Rd, Barkley Enterprises LLC, to Martini, Scott A, and Martini, Cherry L. $272,000, 18 Sunrise Dr, Dunn, Christopher, and Dunn, Donna, to Holly Hayek 2001 T, and Hayek, Holly. $262,500, 152 Main St, Paige Dean C Sr Est, and Rota, Cheryl M, to Budrick, Bruce, and Budrick, Toni. $160,000, 51 Shore Dr, Sills, Paul, and Sills, Sheila, to Meaden, Patricia A. $150,000, Baker Ln, Marie Manca RT, and Manca, Charles J, to Earth Development LLC. $150,000, Cottage Ln, Marie Manca RT, and Manca, Charles J, to Earth Development LLC. $150,000, Stephens Way, Marie Manca RT, and Manca, Charles J, to Earth Development LLC.


$510,000, 125 S Row Rd, Todd, Carolyn H, to Young, John R, and Young, Nichole E.


$665,000, 127 East St, Brackett, James M, and Brackett, Bethany L, to Prescott, Justin, and Bourgeois, Stephanie. $507,000, 45 W Main St, Mondello, Daniel, and Mondello, Allison J, to Weir, David, and Weir, Cynthia. $494,995, 2 Caden Ct, Pulte Homes Of New Eng, to Fox, Brian J, and Fox, Beth. $487,310, 21 Shannon Way, Pulte Homes Of New Eng, to Pesce, Robert E, and Pesce, Janet. $480,625, 23 Shannon Way, Pulte Homes Of New Eng, to Edelman, David I, and Edelman, Sandra W. $66,686, 32 Milford St, US Bank NA Tr, to DeLaCruz-Sosa, Juan F.


$660,500, 51 Carney St, Parody, Michael L, and Parody, Cheryl A, to Jordan, Christopher L, and Jordan, Dawn M. $432,000, 58 Deanna Dr, Flis, Susan F, to Arruda, Adam L, and Arruda, Patricia M. $388,000, 341 Chestnut St, Beaudreault, Michael J, and Beaudreault, Nancy A, to Duff, Michael N, and Duff, Katelyn A. $370,000, 215 Aldrich St, Sonnenberg Properties LLC, to Costello, Stephen M, and Stearns, Elizabeth M. $291,350, 203 Mill St, Adam John Est, and Adam, Ronald E, to Moore, Brian J. $225,000, 29 Maple St, Tallage Lincoln LLC, to GM Properties LLC.


$160,000, 158 Osborne Rd, Critelli, Julia A, to Votta, Ann M, and Votta, Margaret A.


$634,459, 841 Brimfield Rd, Evergreen Realty Coop, and Warren Town Of, to Evergreen Community Assn. $256,885, 875 Cronin Rd, Daniels, Maria, and Matrix Financial Services, to FHLM.


$355,000, 17 Wakefield St, Gaulin IRT, and Gaulin, Michael R, to Mungara, Peter M. $325,000, 15 Old Douglas Rd, Medeiros, Sandra J, to Anger-Colon, Miguel, and Colon, Nicole. $297,000, 6 Stephen Dr, Wheeler, Madeline R, to Ditullio, Ryan J. $246,000, 5 Oak Tree Ln, Ditullio, Ryan J, and Cedeno, Abimael, to Fitzpatrick, Michael, and Fitzpatrick, Jessica. $240,000, 704 Beacon Park #704, Ciuffredo, Doreen, and Ciuffredo, Michael, to Levy, Rome R.

West Boylston

$402,500, 30 Mary Dr, Comstock Jeanne Est, and Gonynor, Courtney A, to Nagle, Seth T, and Nagle, Jillian L. $355,000, 525 Prospect St, Giguere, Michael P, and Giguere, Heather, to Farley, Kelly M. $177,000, 136 Sterling St #A3, Snow, Marguerite D, to Paharik, Matthew, and Paharik, Jennifer.

West Brookfield

$970,000, 19 Hill Brook Dr, Kereshi, Kata, to Bagg, Ethan, and Bagg, Tiffany. $218,600, 94 E Main St, Spencer, Paul, and Spencer, Jennifer, to Plante, Christopher T, and Plante, Stephanie M.


$1,263,500, 17 Quick Farm Rd, Casa Investments Inc, to Datta, Vivekananda, and Dasgupta, Debarati. $569,900, 9 Daania Dr #9, Village Commons RT, and Ansari, Aa F, to Naeem, Imran S. $539,900, 4 Daania Dr #4, Village Commons RT, and Ansari, Aa F, to Pradhan, Prabhat C, and Pradham, Manish. $410,000, 28 Cedar St, Burke, Christopher, and Burke, Dominique, to Mccabe, Elaine T.


$382,400, 24 Town Farm Rd, BBC Development LLC, to Proctor, Jacob, and Mchugh, Devyn. $340,000, 12 E Gardner Rd, Rice, John L, and Rice, Judith A, to Parsons, Andrea. $247,000, 152 State Rd W, Kilmartin, James, and Kilmartin, Jennifer A, to Heske, Robert M. $171,000, 17 W Hill Dr #D, Graves, Douglas, and Graves, Giovanna, to Brennecke, Roger B, and Saunders, Victoria.


$359,000, 431 Teel Rd, Dellasanta, Sandra L, to Gage, Allen B, and Gage, Catherine. $228,000, 32 Doyle Ave, Michaud, Andre S, to Kenneally, Samantha, and Suppa, Benjamin. $90,000, Hale St #1, Dane, Shaunesy L, to Barkley Enterprises LLC. $90,000, Hale St #2, Dane, Shaunesy L, to Barkley Enterprises LLC. $90,000, Hale St #3, Dane, Shaunesy L, to Barkley Enterprises LLC. $90,000, Hale St #4, Dane, Shaunesy L, to Barkley Enterprises LLC.


$1,500,000, 305 Belmont St, New Garden Park Inc, to Wuxi Biologics USA LLC. $675,000, 13 Elizabeth St #1, BGH Rental Properties LLC, to Baystate Investment Fund. $675,000, 13 Elizabeth St #2, BGH Rental Properties LLC, to Baystate Investment Fund. $675,000, 13 Elizabeth St #3, BGH Rental Properties LLC, to Baystate Investment Fund. $675,000, 13 Elizabeth St #4, BGH Rental Properties LLC, to Baystate Investment Fund. $675,000, 13 Elizabeth St #5, BGH Rental Properties LLC, to Baystate Investment Fund. $675,000, 13 Elizabeth St #6, BGH Rental Properties LLC, to Baystate Investment Fund. $675,000, 13 Elizabeth St #7, BGH Rental Properties LLC, to Baystate Investment Fund. $675,000, 13 Elizabeth St #8, BGH Rental Properties LLC, to Baystate Investment Fund. $650,000, 31 Lancaster St, Hampton Properties LLC, to Blossom Lane LLC. $590,000, 50 Westwood Dr, Jaggernauth, Brian R, and Jaggernauth, Jennifer M, to Macintosh James T 2020, and Borg, Christopher J. $550,000, 86 Whitmarsh Ave, Emes NT, and Kowaleski, Maureen T, to 86 Whitmarsh LLC. $510,000, 21 Endicott St, Endicott Real Estate LLC, to Blair, Brian. $495,000, 96 Squantum St, Markarian, Marlenen, to Tran, Thu T. $450,000, 3 Euclid Ave, Akousah, Akwesi, to Akousah, Kadija. $400,000, 1082 Main St, Celularo, Trina L, to KTD Enterprises LLC. $370,000, 284 Burncoat St, Chalifoux, Linda, to Shea, Ashley, and Cristino, Mathew. $365,000, 6 Lapierre St, Rivera, Jose M, and Huynh, Rhonda, to Honore, Ricky, and Honore, Sonia. $360,000, 21 John St, Acquah, Gary K, and Woods, Reginald, to Beachley, Tate. $330,000, 25 Gibbs St, Phan, Richard, and Le, Linda N, to Henriquez, Bessy D. $328,000, 52 Marjorie St, Morrissey IRT, and Morrissey, David W, to Opoku, Theodosia. $325,000, 55 Epworth St, Mcgovern, Debra D, to Frangiosa, Angelina, and Imbimbo, Aron. $320,000, 21 Tennyson St, Ledbeter, Mary L, and Ledbeter, Steven J, to Obrien, Joseph C, and Weinberg, Lisa L. $320,000, 26 Monroe Ave, Koehler, Stephen A, and Harnden-Koehler, J L, to Allocco, Lawrence A. $300,000, 50 Blithewood Ave, Fraser, Chandler M, to Ngo, Thao. $289,900, 25 Governors St, Tavares, Sandy, to Hernandez, Naysha. $283,250, 117 Orton Street Ext, Kelly, Ryan, to Carbone, Christina. $282,000, 5 Deering Dr, Fourlas, George N, and Cuffari, Elena C, to Davis, John-Michael. $264,900, 83 Houghton St, Maglione, Joseph M, and Maglione, Kristine, to Leuenberger, Gary, and Alvarado, Nga. $260,375, 41 Bittersweet Blvd, Arboretum Estates Inc, to Nda, Henriette. $250,000, 407 Cambridge St #5, Gold Star Builders Inc, to 407 Cambridge St B5 RT, and Urban Vision Ltd Tr. $246,000, 34 Bailey St, Laflamme, Jennifer W, and Laflamme, Matthew A, to Gallant, Shelby, and Firmin, Zachary S. $238,000, 22 Crestlan Cir, Benjie IRT, and Trachimowicz, Robert J, to Law, Anthony P. $230,000, 263 Saint Nicholas Ave, StLaurent, Sean P, to Castillo, Gloria. $226,100, 18-A Edgeworth St, Opoku, Theodosia O, to Ajuonuma, Paul C. $219,900, 12 Hastings Ave, Dowd, Marie R, and Dowd, Philip M, to Morreale, Shelby L. $210,000, 28 Iowa St, Buthray, Michael J, and Buthray, Karen L, to Demeulenaere, Eric J. $198,250, 12 Lebanon St, Kimball, Marcianna, and Kimball, Richard, to Maunders, Remington L, and Singer, Ryan J. $190,000, 68 Leeds St, Mchugh, Richard F, to Towey, Colleen. $183,500, 47 Alvarado Ave #2B, Marino-Granados, Jose M, to Snow, Amy. $110,000, 22 Henchman St, Nugent Jean C Est, and Paradis, Craig C, to WE Enterprise LLC. $99,900, 70 Southbridge St #73, Ducasa LLC, to Mac, Kok K, and Ho, Hoppy B. $90,000, 32 Hemans St, Khan, Syed, and Kayal, Asma, to Big Daddy Realty LLC.


By Lela