Month: May 2020

Most New Yorkers Would Like to Move if Working at Home

Get out of Dodge – or New York or any major town. Survey: 52% of town dwellers would take into consideration relocating if they could work from house, but in New York City, it’s 60%.

MIAMI – In New York City, 60% of respondents reported they would take into consideration relocating if they did not have to go into the business office to work when compared to 52% nationally, in accordance to a Redfin study.

While many of those town dwellers will likely go back to an business office as soon as the current pandemic fades, 28% who have been operating from a house business office say they count on to keep on doing so right after the stay-at-house orders are lifted.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately 9% to sixteen% of respondents worked from house, a number that jumped to involving 73% and eighty five% right after stay-at-house orders

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