Being located on the southeast coast of the South Island in New Zealand, Dunedin offers real estate opportunities which vary from urban settings to more rural areas around the outlining harbour and hills of Dunedin. Dunedin has a vibrant population that consists of approximately 120,000 individuals with many of these people being university aged students studying in the local area.

Dunedin has a unique style to its buildings that separates it from other cities in New Zealand. This is in part due to Dunedin’s cultural background and strong Scottish influence. The architectural flavour of the local buildings in Dunedin can be traced back from an Edwardian and Victorian heritage.

It is often helpful to know where to look for property for sale. We have listed some of the inner and outer suburbs in Dunedin for you to check out.
Inner suburbs include: Pine Hill, Dalmore, and Liberton, North East Valley and The Gardens, Shiel Hill, Waverley, and Vauxhall, Corstorphine, Kew, and Calton Hill. Outer Dunedin suburbs include: Port Chalmers, Maia and Burkes, Sawyers Bay, Macandrew Bay, Concord and Burnside.

Another very unique aspect to the Dunedin real estate market is the landscape. Being home to the world’s steepest street, Dunedin’s landscape is made out of inner-city plains and inner-city hills that allow the home owner variation on where they choose to live. From wherever an individual is located in the city of Dunedin, they are never far from the Otago Harbour and Peninsula. With 360 degree views and vistas of natural landscapes and mesmerising architecture, homeowners and investors alike are spoilt with unique settings and outlooks.

Dunedin is nestled into a region that has a bustling local and regional economy as well as many career opportunities for individuals. Featuring a noticeably lower cost of living in comparison to other major cities in New Zealand, Dunedin is an exceptional place to live for families and young individuals who are contemplating their first home. Dunedin property offers residents accommodation and housing that is continually increasing in its monetary market value, and will offer a very favourable return.

If you are looking for property for sale in relation to local schools for your children to attend, here are a few of the many schools in Dunedin to check out: John McGlashan College, Otago Girls’ High School, Bayfield High School, Columba College, Dunedin North Intermediate School, Fairfield School, King’s High School, Opoho School, Otago Boys’ High School and Tahuna Normal Intermediate School.

Dunedin is well planned, offering an efficient city which is easy to navigate. Unlike other metropolitan cities that have issues with traffic during peak travelling hours, Dunedin is immune from this. The suburbs are convenient and the city centre is accessible from wherever you are in the area, and at whatever time of the day you wish to travel at.

Dunedin offers property in a very safe environment, while allowing individuals to have lower prices more accessible to them. A recent study conducted by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand reported that Dunedin is considered to be one of the safest and friendliest cities to live in. With all the opportunities in the marketplace, Dunedin is a natural choice for many contemplating the purchase of real estate.

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