Ways to Overcome the Fear ofChange

Most people do not embrace change that happens in their lives. A lot of people become anxious when they are faced in situations where change is the only way out The first step is to acknowledge that you are aware change is bothering you and you want to get past your current situation. Most people miss out on major opportunities in their lives due to their resistance to change. It is okay to fear about the change about to take place in your life but at the same time you need to appreciate that you are required to work on yourself and face the change confidently. You can get rid of fear in the ways below. It is advisable you maintain a journal. Make sure that you put down all your fears and feelings towards the change you are about to make. Write down your emotions and explain how the change that is about to take place and how it will contribute to your life. Write about your expectations for the future and what you want your life to be without the fear. Review the best and worst scenarios for specific situations and write down what that looks like.

Focus your energy on the joy of a situation instead of dwelling. Get motivated about what could be and what you may not know about. Do not let anxiety control you and steal your joy. Always recall that you are choosing change and it is the best for you. Focus on the possibilities of a new start, joy and a new beginning in life. Overtake your fear with excitement and change forward with a positive attitude in place.

You need to get support when going through a tough time. You can reach out to family and friends and get someone who you can confide in. Tell them about your fears and what you feel towards a certain situation. Open up to them about your fears of change and get the advice they have to give about your current situation. Your support person may have gone through the similar situation you are in and they may offer advice that will help you get through your current situation. Be honest with others about what you feel and what you are dealing with however difficult it may be. Ask your support person questions that may be bothering you for example why they made a change and how it affected them.

When you are fully prepared, it’s time to make a move. Make that change that you have feared to make in the past. Let your support person know that you have made the confident move and go through each step that you have undertaken. The person will walk with you through the steps. You need to make a move when faced with such a scenario to avoid stagnating in the same place for the rest of our lives.

By Lela

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