Facts about Viking Jewelry

When you remember the Vikings, all that crosses your minds is the savage with huge swords and long sharp spears without thinking of the jewelry that they made. In this respect, they created different pieces of jewelry in the form of good-looking rings, necklaces, and bracelets and even used precious metals like gold and silver. The women benefited a great deal in the community as the alloy of these two metals called bronze was used to make a jewelry called brooches that they used to cover themselves. Apart from the aspect of beauty, the pieces of jewelry were used for other important uses in the society. Here are some facts about these Viking pieces of jewelry that you might not know which are important if you knew.

To being with, these Viking pieces of jewelry were worn by both men and women in the society irrespective of their class. This is because the jewels were used to identify the people in the community and this helped there to be tight security as people knew each other. Wealth was identified in these pieces of jewelry as the wealthiest had unique but similar features. There was need for ladies in the community to represent their society in a better manner, and therefore they were given some jewels that were supposed to hold onto their dresses making them look responsible and therefore commendable. The rich were shown respect from every corner of the community because of the jewelry that they had on their bodies.

There were those Viking ornaments that were made to portray the true image of the community, and a perfect example was their readiness to face any forthcoming wars by Thor’s hammer. Other ornaments were made to symbolize different occurrences in the community like the death and celebrations of wedding. It is worrying to reveal the truth about Viking pieces of jewelry that they were found in the cemeteries. The Vikings lived for so many years ago, and therefore the existing evidence can be used to imagine how their lives were during those days.

The Vikings were unique people because they never did something that was not in their culture, that is they did not wear earrings or fingerings even though they used to meet the Slavic people who used to wear. So they were very familiar with these pieces of jewelry it is just that they did not practice that culture in their society. Funny enough there were no rules to prevent the people from wearing these two pieces of jewelry since some who were interested were allowed to.

Most of these jewelries were used as their means of exchange. The arm and necklaces they wore were made of silver and therefore when they visited the markets, they used them to make payments for the goods and services they wanted.

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