Michigan paternity law affects everyone in a family where paternity is in dispute. New legislation governing Michigan paternity was introduced in July 2010 that would have a profound impact on issues of disputed paternity in the state.

Representative Matt Lori introduced a bill to the Michigan legislature that, if passed, will amend the state’s Paternity Act to give biological fathers more rights for establishing paternity for a child born to a woman who is married to another man or similar circumstances.

This legislation is a response to contentious Michigan child custody and parenting time disputes, such as Numerick v Krull, in which a father was unable to establish a relationship with his child because the child was born to a mother who was married to another man.

What the Change in Michigan Paternity Law Would Mean

The amended Michigan paternity law would extend certain rights to putative fathers-men who are in a position of contested paternity-to legally obtain information about the paternity of their alleged child. This right is not extended to the putative father when the child was conceived during a sexual assault for which the man was convicted.

The putative father can obtain this information even if the mother is married to another man at the time the child was conceived. But the father must pursue this option no more than 1 year past the date of delivery and meet one of the requirements as outlined in the code. A Chelsea family law attorney can help you to determine if you as the putative father have rights to claim paternity for your child and under what circumstances you can pursue those rights.

Likewise, if you are a mother who is concerned about what it will mean for your child custody and/or child support schedule if a putative father is able to establish paternity of your child, a family law attorney can advise you of your rights, responsibilities and any protections provided to you and your children under Michigan paternity law.

Michigan Child Support

For women who are interested in establishing paternity in order to secure necessary financial support for their child, a Michigan family law attorney can talk to you about your options for seeking and securing Michigan child support.

Michigan law places a high priority on providing much-needed financial support to children and the enforcement of Michigan child support is handled through the Michigan Department of Human Services.

There are many methods available for enforcing a child support order, including wage garnishments and liens. Again, your Chelsea family law attorney can guide you through this process in the effort to ensure your child has access to all of the resources to which he or she is entitled.

Contacting a Michigan Family Law Attorney

A Michigan family law attorney can help you to prepare for changes in your child custody arrangements or child support payments in cases where paternity has been disputed.

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