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Commissioner Bridget Gainer’s staff will be on hand at our office on Thursday, January 28, between 9 – 11 am to help residents with their Jefferson Township property tax attraction. Owners have till February 2, 2016, to enchantment their evaluation with the Cook dinner County Board of Assessment either on-line or in individual.

I can see that the blogger in this case will not be a Realtor. ReMax, Century 21, and Prudential are all dearer. Desk fees will be in the a whole lot of dollars every month. The place the hell do you get off commenting on Exit! It isn’t a cult neither is it a scam. It is without doubt one of the extra affordable Franchises to join. One other truth to your hat bud, Realtors are all independant contractors. Unions charge charges as do Associations. I get far much less for my affiliation fees than I do from my franchise payment. It’s good to learn to comment on subjects you really know and depart Realtor features alone!

It is unclear whether or not these notices had been merely the result of incompetence, or whether Croman truly intended to extract money from us that we did not owe. We do know, nevertheless, that Croman despatched related notices to our neighbors (who additionally claimed they well timed paid) frequently. Needless to say, no landlord should harass its tenants in this manner.

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