For an organization providing patent services, in order to run it efficiently there is a need of efficient patent searchers. The efficient searcher is defined as one who tries to solve the problem with a can do attitude, figure out the problem and think about different concepts or ways to solve the problem, all this should be done within an ample of time.

Searchers have been facing problems to find the patent for a particular product. It has been very tedious to solve the said criteria in the conventional technique.

Conventional technique:

In the conventional technique, in order to search a patent for a given product, one use to

1) Read and understand all the specifications and features of the product.

2) Prepare concepts of them

3) Prepare keywords and search in different databases.

4) Analyze hundreds of records.

It has been noted that, after spending such a long time, it was difficult to find the target patent. The problems arises are it consumes more time, it will affect the performance of the searchers, as it consumes more time client will feel uncomfortable in spending more money on a simple project etc. In order to solve such problems, there is a need to find a novel technique.

Novel technique:

1) Note down the trademark for the product.

2) Conduct a trademark search and find out the assignee who has registered the trademark

3) Conduct a patent search which involves general terms and restricting it with the assignee retrieved.

This procedure will definitely save 80% of the time and effort of a searcher which was used with conventional technique

By Lela

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