Buying a new home can be an exciting experience. Even more so on move-in day. And of course, every new homeowner is going to want to make the property as safe and secure as possible. But thanks to time constraints and limited budgets, beefing things up might not be possible on day one. It could take months for a new home order to get the property up to snuff.

Does that mean a new home has to remain insecure until time and money allow for home security improvements? Absolutely not. There are some quick and easy things homeowners can do within the first day or so of moving in. A few others can be addressed within the first couple of weeks.

1. Change the Locks

It goes without saying that new homeowners should change the locks immediately upon moving in. Some experts even recommend buying the locks before move-in day. That way, you can install them as soon as the truck is unpacked. Quick installation means you will be eliminating a very real security breach.

On the other hand, leaving the locks for a few weeks only says to whomever might have a key to come on over. You don’t know who the previous owner gave keys to. Why would you not change the locks on the very first day?

2. Upgrade the Locks

As long as you are changing the locks, consider any potential upgrades. Maybe the previous owner never installed deadbolts. You should. Perhaps there are deadbolts, but you are thinking of smart locks instead? The point is that upgrading all the locks to more secure models will instantly add extra protection.

3. Clean up the Exterior

Burglars and other criminals looking to commit property crimes scope neighborhoods looking for careless homeowners. A good sign of a careless homeowner is an unkempt exterior. New homeowners can do themselves a huge favor by making exterior cleanup one of the first home improvement projects they tackle.

Cleaning up the exterior includes cutting the grass, trimming trees and shrubs so that the front door can be clearly seen from the street, and putting things like lawn tools and toys away in the garage.

4. Don’t Telegraph on Social Media

Thieves are pretty smart. They know how to find vulnerable homeowners by looking around for clues – and that includes looking on social media. The worst thing you can do as a new homeowner is to flood your social media pages with announcements, pictures, and videos. You are just asking for trouble by doing so.

Save the social media posts until you’ve beefed up security. But even at that, Vivint Smart Home recommends practicing a lot of discretion on social media. There is no need to telegraph to the world what’s in your home and how easy it is to break in.

5. Install Window Treatments

If the new home doesn’t have sufficient window treatments installed, tackle that job as soon as possible. Closing the drapes or blinds makes it impossible for criminals to peek inside and see what you have. And by the way, drapes and blinds should always be closed when you’re not home. When you are home, make a practice of looking out the first-floor windows frequently. Pay attention to who is wandering around the neighborhood.

As a new homeowner, it could take you months to beef up your home security to a satisfactory level. But that doesn’t mean your house needs to be completely insecure in the interim. Start by employing the five tips in this post. You’ll be safer with each one you implement.

By Rehan

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