After over a decade, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I recommend, to my clients, who want to sell their homes, for the best possible price, in the shortest, period of time (fastest), with the least hassle, to price, the listing, right, from the start! Some ask, why certain houses, sell, when similar ones, don’t, and/ or, how particular houses, which appear undesirable (perhaps, due to location, condition, or other factors), and my answer, is, generally, PRICE! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this is such a core, essential, consideration.
1. Priorities; pricing; place/ position: Before listing a property, the agent and homeowner, should discuss, and clearly understand, the client’s priorities, needs, concerns, and perceptions! What are the strengths and weaknesses of the particular home, especially as it relates to place/ location, and relative position, compared to the competition? When you price it, correctly, from the start, you maximize the potential, because statistics, indicate, that the best offers, usually come, in the first few weeks. When pricing is attractive, enough, to strategically, differentiate the particular house, from the rest, the process, begins, at an advantage!
2. Reasoning/ rationale; right from start; realistic: One of the worst enemies, to achieving, the best objectives, is, often, when a homeowner, has an unrealistic perspective, and/ or, concept of the market value, of his house. Smart homeowners will consistently hire an agent, who, has the nerve, and professionalism, to. Tell you what you need to know, rather than want to hear (TM)! Realistic pricing attracts qualified, potential buyers to view, and, thus, consider, buying your house! Pricing it right, from the start, requires agent and client, to be, on the same page, and for one’s agent, to share his rationale, and reasoning, in terms of marketing, and selling his home!
3. Identify; issues; imagination; ideas: Begin, by identifying, any issues, which might impact, the marketing and selling of your house! Proceed with an imagination, which might create ideas, which attract the best, potential niche market, and sell the house, at the most favorable conditions!
4. Creative; cooperate: Successfully, selling a house, at the best possible terms, requires the creativity, to consider options, alternatives, needs, and priorities! Listing agents must be ready, willing, and able, to cooperate, with other agents, to make your home, more saleable, and attractive/ easier to view, and show, effectively!
5. Endurance; emphasis; empathy; excellence: There may be, ups, and downs, in the real estate transaction period, so, proceed, with quality, endurance, and commitment, and a willingness, to place the emphasis, on getting the house sold, at the best overall terms. Homeowners should carefully choose, the agent, they hire, who must demonstrate, the utmost degree of genuine empathy, as well as a commitment to personal excellence, in your best interests!
PRICE your house, right, from the start, in order to achieve the finest results! When agent and client, work together, and communicate, you’re on your way!

By Lela

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