The Advantages of Real Estate

You may ask yourself, why invest in real estate? What generally comes to mind when mentioning the word investment is the stock market. However, investing in real estate property is as good as investing in stock, if not better. It is an advantageous business prospect, and the prospects of making money are big. But it is certain that every business certainly has its disadvantages, but we will discuss real estate’s advantages as it far outweighs the downsides.

First of all, an invest you make in real estate properties will get you fewer risks than most other types of business ventures and investments. Real estate is generally a very stable business and provides a good source of income from the rent payments received each month. The money you receive each month from rents, are otherwise known as positive cash flow. However you must carefully consider that your real estate property will indeed cost you money each month from bills, mortgage, utilities and maintenance, and is aptly called negative cash flow. In the near future however, you will completely pay your mortgage and after that, positive cash flow will be coming each month, keeping in mind that you take proper care and maintenance of your property.

Another advantage of real estate investment is that it doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money on your first payment, as it offers an affordable starting capital. In most places, getting started on real estate investment will only require you to pay a 10% down payment on the property, add that to costs on renovations and you can get started. A good tip when selecting a real estate property is to make sure that the sellers or previous owners have maintained the place in a good state in order to avoid high refurbishing costs and will actually cost you a lot in maintenance in the long run.

A big underrated advantage of owning a real estate property is that it does not take up much of your time. Maintenance will probably cost you each month, it’s expected, but it will not require you anything more than the occasional overseeing. Such a simple problem will only require the aid of a hired manager or caretaker for your property, thereby greatly reducing the time and effort invested on your property.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of investing in real estate is that the value of the property you own will increase in time, this property is called appreciation. People that are lucky and intuitive enough to realize the value of a property when it Is still cheap will have a bigger return than what they have initially invested, often fetching 500% more, apparent in busy parts of town and budding cities.

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