Merits of Losing Body Mass

Loss of weight is the decline of body fat hence resulting to loss of body weight. Weight loss could be caused by poor feeding and also insufficient nutrients in the food that we feed on. weight loss could also be caused by diseases and any effort that a man put so as to lose weight. intentional loss of weight is referred to as slimming.

Involuntary weight loss could be as a result of loss of fats from the body or even a loss in body fluids. This weight loss could also be resulted by poor diet and also not taking enough food. Unintentional loss of weight could also be caused by reduced appetite. Diarrhea and depletion of certain enzymes could also lead to unintentional weight loss. Loss of body mass in a high extent could lead to a reduced quality of life and in case an individual is under treatment, he or she could take a longer period of time to heal. Starvation could affect each part of the body from the cells to the most complex body structures. some of the body functions could be interrupted such as the immune system. Malnutrition could result to other major body difficulties.

some treatment done on a patient could make or her lose weight. Surgery will make many patients lose appetite and hence if he doesn’t eat, he will suffer weight loss. Other medical procedures will result to losing of weight either directly or indirectly. A medical procedure that involves the digestive tracks affects the eating habits of the patient hence leading to weight loss.
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social conditions could also contribute to loss of weight. Poverty caused by less resources could result to loss of body weight. Poverty will result to shortage of hence reduction in weight for the ones who are involved. lack of knowledge on how to prepare some foods will make an individual not to access some nutrients.
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Deliberate weight loss is whereby an individual exercises so as to reduce weight. An individual would also exercise to change his body appearances. Work outs could also be a better way of reducing health risks. Loss of body mass could eradicate some deadly diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

There are certain merits that accompany weight loss. One of them is that weight loss improves the health of an individual. Diseases related to obesity are very constant in the modern world. Accumulation of fats in the heart could lead to heart attack.

Weight los could lead to the improvement of the mental capacity. A person who has an overweight will have hormonal imbalances and hence he could suffer anxiety and depression. Weight loss enables the hormones to reach a balance. Every person should be responsible for his or her weight and ensure that is fit.

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