Ducted air conditioners have become inevitable in both residential and commercial settings. In fact, it has become standard in new construction and is primarily responsible for maintaining a comfortable home environment.

Every building owner with heating and cooling systems knows the importance of air HEPA filters. Regarding indoor air quality, air filtration and air purification systems play a significant role in maintaining indoor air quality.

So, What is the HEPA Filter’s Function?

Air filters like HEPA act as a sieve that captures the dust particles that can impact the indoor air quality. It works by having the air pass through the filters in the air conditioner, removing various harmful particles, including dust, dirt, mould, bacteria and other microorganisms, and animal fur from the air.

Assume a particle is big. The filter will trap it on one side and prevent it from entering the air that you breathe. Unlike standard filters, the first layer of HEPA air filter works like a sieve and capture the particle.

After capturing the particle in the first layer, HEPA filters the smaller particles and filter them. HEPA filters intercept even the smaller particles in different ways, including trapping, snagging, and diffusing. When the filtration process is over, the air from the HEPA filters is free of dust and allergens that can aggravate allergies and asthma, making you sick.

HEPA filters are proven to trap particles as small as 3 microns and have a higher efficiency rate of 99.97%.

Drawbacks of HEPA filters

Although HEPA filters offer a wide range of benefits, they also have several drawbacks. While HEPA filters are efficient, they’re thick and dense and can greatly interfere with the airflow process of the air conditioning unit. When the airflow is restricted, the demand for cooling the space will be increased, increasing the energy bills and also causing damage to the unit.

When to Replace the Ducted Air Conditioning Filter?

When you see these signs, it indicates that it’s time for ducted aircon filter replacement.

  • The place feels stuffy
  • You notice more dust around the room
  • Allergies start acting up
  • The AC starts making strange noises
  • The AC doesn’t seem to be working as well
  • Electricity bill goes up
  • The filter looks dirty

Which Is The Best Ducted Aircon Filter?

Not all filters are made equally. While several companies offer air filters, AirClean’s high-grade disposable ducted air conditioning filter are proven to be efficient. That’s why many prefer AirClean’s ducted air filters over other options.

AirClean Filters is one of the best filters in the market with V-pleat filter designed to trap and filter harmful particles that can aggravate allergies and asthma.

AirClean Filters are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice, and it’s the only disposable air filter brand for ducted residential and commercial HVAC systems. It improves indoor air quality by filtering even the smaller pollutants you can’t see, including virus carriers, lint dust, pollen, mould spores, and dust mites that make you sick and cause respiratory infections.

If you’re looking to replace your ducted air conditioner air filter, opt for AirClean disposable air filter.

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