The following guide shows when, where and how to best find or maintain love. Check out the guide below for the most important dates and the best times to attract or enhance romance, partnerships, zodiac sign dates and intimacy. 

 Keys to Guide 

 Where: Each area of ​​the table represents certain areas of your life. For example, the ninth house is linked to institutes of higher education and commuting. When Venus moves to this particular area, you may be more likely to find love by traveling, doing adventurous things, or improving your education. 

 Comment: Focusing on your personality traits related to a particular area of ​​the chart that Venus is going through right now helps you attract more joyful, life-loving energies into your life. 

 Relationships that have started now are: Relationships that begin as Venus moves through a particular area of ​​your chart tends to take on some of the qualities of that area. 

 Elevate Your Love Now: Ways to improve an existing romantic relationship over a specific period of time.

Horoscope 2009 focuses on love, sex, relationships, and romance. 

The deity of sensual love is Eros. The asteroid Eros’s location in our horoscope reflects our desires and seductive antics. Mars represents the way we go about getting what we desire, especially how we express our sexuality. Venus demonstrates some crucial “traps” and foreplay to get us in the mood to love. While the locations of these planets and cosmic bodies in our natal charts are fixed, their positions in the cosmos are continually shifting, activating houses and hotspots in our natal charts. Because we solely focus on the Sun sign or Ascendant and how these sexual cosmic entities are now effecting the natal chart, the horoscopes offered here are broad.

 Please note that these horoscopes are more accurate for the Ascendant sign, so if you know yours, read them first for the Ascendant sign and then for the Sun sign.


Your connections and acquaintances, as well as group activities, will undoubtedly grow in 2009. You’re reaching out and developing connections, which might take your attention away from your one-on-one romance.

 Two retrograde planets in 2009 directly affect your love life: Venus in your dominant sign from March 6 to April 17 and Mars (your ruler). ) retrograde in your love sector from December 20 to March 10, 2010. You should pay more attention to your love life during these times, perhaps withdraw, and certainly reconsider your love attachments. Some of you may end up in a love affair; Others may turn to former lovers for added comfort. Many of you will take a step back and reassess your dating needs. 

 Another significant influence on your love life in 2009 begins at the end of October, when Saturn enters your opposite sign, Libra, and your partnership sector. This process will affect those born earlier in Aries (March 21-26) the most and will be more vital for the rest of this sign in 2010. It is a long, long-term cycle in which commitment and responsibility towards partners become paramount. You may feel some pressure from outside sources or a partner, and soul-searching is taking place. Ultimately, you will learn exactly what a close partnership means to you. In November, conflicts between your career endeavors and your need for collaboration are likely to surface. 

 All in all, Aries, your love life is more serious in 2009, simply because you look at your love from a whole different angle. 

 Key Periods for 2009: 

 For most of February, Venus is in your sign in direct motion. It’s a time when the world seems to be talking, or at least enjoying your “language of love.” It is a time rich in opportunities to attract others, heighten charm, and receive a positive response from a partner or love interest. Love seems to come to you without your pursuit. 

 From March 6 to April 17, Venus is retrograde in your sign (for most). Venus is the goddess of love, but she also has power your partnership sector. This is a review phase and maybe some negotiation. If you have a partner, he/she may find you a bit withdrawn. Some of you may be attracting someone you don’t want or need in your life. For example, an ex may appear, either directly or in your mind, slowing your progress here and now. When doing this reassessment, avoid making big or long-term decisions. Wait until the last week of April and beyond before doing so, when many of the issues you face could be very different! 

 From April 25 to May 30, Venus and Mars are getting closer, in your sign! It’s a sexy time of power, and Singles are very likely to find themselves in a passionate relationship at this time. If there was a lull in your love life during Venus’ retrograde, you are definitely catching up to it now! Mars is mainly in your sign from April 22 to May 31, and it’s time to go after whatever (or who) you want confidently. 

 From July 23 to August 22 of each year, when the Sun is in Leo and moves through your love sector, you will focus on love, entertainment, romance, and fun. 

 From August 27 to September 5, your seduction is easy and natural. 

Mercury is half retrograde in your relationship sector from September 729. It’s a good idea to check and ensure what you say to avoid misunderstandings in your interactions.

Mars is in your romantic sector, travelling in direct motion, from October 16 to December 10. The emphasis is on having fun and fearlessly pursuing your goals, as well as enhancing sexuality. From October 16 to November 7, Venus is transiting your relationship sector at the same time, making this a very romantic time.

Mars slows down and then retrogrades in your romantic sector starting December 1031. If you don’t do it yourself, circumstances will slow you down! It’s time to reevaluate your life in a variety of ways.

By Lela