You have decided to put your house on the market and you have seen home staging shows on TV (or, at least, heard the term).

The result always looks fantastic on TV, but how will it look in YOUR house? After all, you have to work with what you already have and your budget is limited, right? So, what to do and where to start – that is the question!

The first thing you need to realize is that you probably don’t see your own home objectively, such as a potential buyer would. You are emotionally attached to your home. And you don’t notice small imperfections, cracks, missing light bulbs and such anymore in your busy life. But the buyer will!

That is why the role of a professional home stager is important. He/she will play the potential buyer’s role and will tell you what’s bothering him/her. Together, you will make a list and prioritize as well as estimate a budget for this project.

Some very key points are:

  • Declutter (and declutter some more). The buyers want SPACE for their money, so show them how spacious your house is. Even small rooms can look bigger by leaving only few pieces of furniture in them. The decluttering applies to closets and cupboards as well. Throw away, give away or pack away – you will have less things to do at the moving time!
  • Find storage for the extra stuff you want to keep – family, friends, storage facilities or moving companies, if possible avoid using your basement or garage
  • Some new paint can make all the difference in the look of your house. Choose neutral colors, you can’t go wrong!
  • Update and add lighting to all the rooms of house.
  • Keep it clean at all times. I know – it is not easy when you live in the house, but do your best – make the beds, wash the dishes, keep a few bins around to throw stuff in quickly when needed…
  • A home stager knows how to showcase your house by optimizing the furniture and accessories placement and making it look its best. It is worth it!

There you have it. A bit of effort and a small investment will pay off at the sale time. Good luck home staging and selling your house quickly and for top dollar!

By Lela

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