With such a lousy economy, it can be complicated to sell a house. For this reason, many people think that they will need a realtor. However, it is for this very reason that it is a good idea for people to try to sell their homes themselves. In a market where they will probably already receive less money for their home, paying commission to a realtor will only shave off more profits. It is relatively simple to learn how to sell my house fast jacksonville without a real estate agent.


The biggest key to selling a home is a great advertisement. While realtors were once needed to spread the word about homes on the market effectively, they are less necessary than ever in the age of the Internet. The majority of people start shopping for new homes online. Numerous free sites will list homes for sale, and those that require a small fee are still minimal compared to the cost of a realtor. There are also sites specifically designed for listings that are for sale by the owner.

Listing the right price

Listing the right price from the beginning is essential to a successful sale by the owner. One of the biggest reasons homes do not sell is because they are priced over the surrounding properties. Some people do not realize that just because their house is the nicest in the neighborhood, it does not mean that they should price it above the other homes. A high price from the start could turn people away from looking at the home or ever coming back. Find out the neighborhood home values and price the house accordingly.


Small home repairs are an excellent way to make a home look more presentable and enticing to buyers. However, this does not mean that sellers should be making significant improvements. More often than not, a significant improvement will not have a full investment return in the final sale. Not only that, but the value it adds is rather minimal. A homeowner is much better off repairing the walls, losing the clutter and putting in some new lighting than they would be doing a significant overhaul.

The art of negotiation is one of the biggest upper hands that a real estate agent can give to a seller, so learning this skill is critical when trying to sell a house by owner. It is essential to leave the emotions behind. This is not cold-hearted; it is just business. Getting emotionally involved with a buyer can cause a seller to settle for less than they want or deserve for their home. Be reasonable in the negotiations and try to reach a middle ground as often as possible. If a middle ground cannot be reached, always be sure to explain the reasons for the firm standing to make the buyer feel more comfortable with the decision.

Though selling a home with a realtor is much more straightforward and hassle-free, it is undoubtedly more expensive. There is no reason any homeowner should not be able to learn how to sell a house without a real estate agent. Following a few critical guidelines for homes that are for sale by the owner, can make the selling process more straightforward and much more lucrative.

By Lela