Kyle Kerr has long been a charity supporter and always looks for different worthwhile groups to give to each year. In 2022, he has identified several organizations that he thinks deserve more attention than they receive. If you’re looking for a charity that you feel comfortable supporting with your money this year, he strongly suggests the following options for your consideration.

Kyle Kerr on the Best Reputable Charities in 2022

Kyle Kerr has done a lot of research on the different charitable groups that need more support in 2022. He checks each organization’s reputation, goals, and how they use their money. By doing this in-depth research, he hopes to identify teams that provide the most support for their region and the most reputable and high-quality help. Avoiding groups with poor reputations is key to his research process.

The first that he strongly suggests giving to this year is World Central Kitchen. This organization focuses on providing food to people who need it and has already served over 25 million meals over the years. They were particularly important in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and have provided support for the hungry. Every day, they provide 250,000 meals to people in 12 cities.

Next, Kyle Kerr strongly suggests giving to the Crisis Text Line, a group that provides support and comfort to people in their time of need. They provide 24/7 support with trained crisis counselors who will listen to people and give them the boost they need to stay strong. Furthermore, Crisis Text Line provides anxiety support for people struggling with any anxiety type, including COVID-19-related issues.

Social support groups are particularly important in these challenging times, and MADA Community Center is one of the most transparent and trusted groups of this type. They continually have a high funding need to provide services like food, community support, homes, and counseling. Each year, they help millions of people overcome the challenges that affect their lives and strive to create a better world for future generations.

If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, you may donate to Cancer Research Institute to help in the fight against this disease. This organization supports research into various immunotherapy treatments for all cancer types. They also provide training for clinical research, cancer research, and public education initiatives. Their goal is to wipe out cancer for good.

Animal charities are a great option for the animal-loving Canadian, and Kyle Kerr heavily supports the Toronto Humane Society. This group has a high funding need and is one of the most transparent charities in the nation. They provide support for many animal-based causes, particularly helping control the pet population. They also provide homes for needy animals, particularly those that have been abandoned.

Supporting better education is an important way of creating a better future, and Kyle Kerr believes that Boundless School is the best Canadian charity for educational needs. It is 100% transparent and provides support for young people, including high-risk children from troubled homes. The idea behind this charity is to give those children who need it more support for their education to ensure they create a better life for themselves.

By Lela