Lemonade Insurance: What You Need to Know About It

Everyone wants the safety of their property and life, no wonder insurance company thrives. But…

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Everyone wants the safety of their property and life, no wonder insurance company thrives. But traditionally, getting your claims is a hustle as the insurances work to keep it. Well, lemonade insurance is here to favor you if you understand and use it.  

But first,

How Does It Work

Lemonade insurance is affordable contrary to most other insurance covers. You could save as little as $25 if you wish. It’s the best choice for homeowners and renters. It gives you affordable, reliable, and fast insurance against theft, damage and more. 

Notice lemonade isn’t your traditional insurance. It has deviated the focus from revenue to the benefits accrued. 

The people collectively pay their premiums to a communal pot. This money then covers the claims. Also, it caters to the expenses (salaries, office maintenance, updating tech and more). Lemonade donates the remaining amount to charity.

Contrary to the traditional insurance where the focus was for you to pay more premiums so that you earn more, it works differently. Traditional insurance will work to make sure they don’t pay your claim for business gain. 

For lemonade, since the remaining funds go to charity, they aim at making sure you also get your due claims. This makes it a more credible insurance. 

What Does It Cover?

Consider that its quite affordable, yet, it covers a lot in regards to home ownership. Let’s start by the fact that it will cover everyone in your home except of course your visitors. It further covers the belongings of the individuals whether they are at home or not. 

  • Personal property theft

Well sometime you can’t avoid theft and if this happens then you get a reimbursement. Often this cover protects your property whether you are with them at home or on a trip somewhere. 

  • Property damage

It’s a cover to protect your personal property too. In case of destruction, you get a reimbursement. 

  • Repair cost

It covers the cost of repair to your home if there’s damages. Remember repair costs can be very high. 

  • Loss of use

If you lose your home for any covered reasons, the insurance covers you too. It caters to any living expenses incurred. 

Reasons Why We All Need It

  • It gives you family coverage

When you use this cover, you automatically have every member of your family covered. Sometimes it even covers your landlord. 

  • It’s already coming to your city

It’s available in just the major cities in America but, they add new cities every time so get ready.

  • Do you want to cover other items?

Well for those valuables that aren’t part of the cover, you can easily add them. Lemonade then lets you know how much more to pay.

  • Zero everything policy

It means zero deductible. Contrary to most other insurance firms if say you make two claims in a year, they increase your premium. Well, not when you have zero everything. 

  • Transparent

Lemonade is easy to use and in fact, they settle most of your property claims in an instant. If you send the list of things you lost with a video to explain, you have it covered. The use of a mobile app further makes the work easy.  

Is It Too Good to Be True?

Lemonade insurance benefits surpass most other traditional insurance firms. The fact that it’s readily accessible makes it an even better choice. But don’t take my word for it, read lemonade insurance reviews first.