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This is Why Life in a Macquarie Park Apartment is Great There are Macquarie Park apartments being sold today, and you’re right to plan on purchasing one. Inside the Macquarie Park, you’ll discover a new taste of urban living. This why living in this place makes so much sense: Apartments here are located within walking distance to the very sophisticated Macquarie Shopping Centre. Everything you may want to buy, whether as a necessity or indulgence, you’ll find here, thanks to the several major department stores and top brands hosted within the shopping mall. You’ll see specialty retail shops, chic boutiques, and beauty resorts for all to enjoy. This location has some of the best learning institutions in the world where your children may attend while you reside here. Macquarie University is located a couple of metres from your home, and it’s popular for its scholarly superiority and novelty as well as the provision of internationally approved degree courses. The village is also served by a number of other high-class schools.
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Leisure, sports, and entertainment are all well covered here, so, there’s no reason for you to get bored during a holiday or weekend. Ku-Ring-Gai and Lane Cove National Parks are destinations within Sydney and near your residence where you can go and enjoy picturesque natural walks. There are flourishing gardens for the Macquarie Park apartments where all residents can enjoy.
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You need an active lifestyle to keep physically and mentally fit, and if that’s fine by you, try one of the local reserves for cycling or jogging. Another option for wellness enthusiast is to go to the state-of-the-art sport and fitness hub located within the Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Center which is very nearby, or the apartments’ residents-only gym. There are so many places you could sample for wining and dining. There are numerous bars, restaurants, bars, and hotels here that offer international brands and cuisine. The Macquarie Shopping Mall as well as some local joints will provide you with meals and drinks that match any level of sophistication. If safety is your concern, it won’t be any more after you start living in these apartments. Each of these buildings is well secured, and because of the intercom configuration, no undesired persons can enter. The parking lot and basement are also well covered. Macquarie Park has one of the best public transportation networks in Sydney. This precinct is very well linked, and it provides numerous options for commuting in and around the business centre. From here, commuting to the office or school is viable by means of train, bus, or your personal car. Whether mandatory or just for fun, there’s probably nothing in your lifestyle you’ll miss once you opt to live in one of the astonishing Macquarie Park apartments.