Meet the Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur: Saurabh Bajaj from Swiftlane

This week, we interviewed Saurabh Bajaj from Swiftlane.

With out additional ado…

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Saurabh Bajaj, and I’m the founder and CEO of Swiftlane. Swiftlane is a touchless accessibility organization that employs face recognition and mobile credentials for safe accessibility to buildings.  My background is in application engineering and equipment studying. I worked at quite a few tech businesses like Facebook, Instagram, and Level Autonomous driving group right before starting off Swiftlane. I am a massive know-how geek. At Swiftlane, I am fired up to enhance the all round building knowledge for office and multifamily residential buildings

What issue does your products/assistance clear up?

The fashionable building accessibility knowledge is clunky – you require to fumble for vital cards to enter doors, numerous individuals reduce them, and they are quick to clone plus costly to deal with. Protection devices are siloed from a person a further, and the genuine types of accessibility are not that safe. The customer administration knowledge is also broken individuals use shared PIN codes for widespread place stability and are not able to reign in controlled visitor accessibility. This is not only inefficient but really results in problems like actual physical stability gaps in big CRE buildings and package deal theft in multifamily buildings. Not to mention with COVID, no a person wants to contact door handles or elevator buttons, and buildings require a way to manage who is coming in and out, when, and how numerous individuals are permitted accessibility at a specified time.

Swiftlane supplies a fashionable accessibility manage system and movie intercom for offices and flats in order to clear up these problems. Swiftlane allows buyers to merely open up doors with face recognition know-how by seeking at the reader, or making use of mobile accessibility. We also offer wireless movie calling from a door to a tenant, so that you can see the individual at the door and remotely grant accessibility.

Our intention is to generate the most practical, frictionless actual physical stability knowledge that is accessible and obtainable to buildings and businesses of each dimension. By improving the way we accessibility buildings and safe them, we also clear up secondary problems like doing away with package deal theft, rising tenant retention and peace of mind, and many others.

What are you most fired up about suitable now?

It’s great to be equipped to chat about improving stability and improving processes, but I am most fired up about the opportunity to actually quantify the price that Swiftlane is equipped to deliver to buildings. For case in point, somewhere around $6 billion truly worth of packages were stolen previous year – a report-breaking reduction. Which goes hand in hand with the most ecommerce deliveries we have at any time witnessed in a solitary year. People today now depend so greatly on deliveries, but some buildings, particularly flats, are not equipped to tackle that quantity.

I feel that there is a sturdy disconnect in the present-day building knowledge and what’s doable with know-how. I am fired up to see that transformation ultimately taking place in the authentic estate area.

What is subsequent for you?

Proper now, we are pretty centered on the multifamily authentic estate market and office buildings. We strategy to go on improving the stability, peace of mind and knowledge for absolutely everyone. There is a ton of get the job done remaining for us to go on building a fashionable, seamless knowledge for building accessibility and do that in a privateness-first and dependable way, so that it can uplift the knowledge for absolutely everyone.

What is a lead to you are passionate about and why?

A lead to I’m passionate about is improving online stability for older individuals, who are extra susceptible to social engineering and other phishing assaults from hackers. Technological innovation has so numerous added benefits and techniques that it makes everyday living easier, and it’s a shame that it has been applied to get edge of those who are susceptible merely since they are not acquainted with it.

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