Curb appeal is something that you should never underestimate. It makes passersby or potential buyers say “Wow” enthusiastically or “Wow” reluctantly. Curb appeal is the “it” factor that your house either has or doesn’t have. So, if you want to be the house on the block that everyone can’t stop talking about positively, it is a good idea to improve your curb appeal this summer. Whether you need to sell your house fast or want to enhance the beauty of your property in general, consider these curb appeal projects. 

Make Your Door Stand Out

When looking for ways to improve your curb appeal, one item you should start with on your home is your front door. It is one of the most visible parts of your property because guests and potential buyers alike have to pass through it. One way to improve your door is to add a pop of color. If you choose to enhance your front door by painting it, it is a good idea to stick with classic colors such as brown, navy, black, or gray. However, don’t be afraid of bold colors, particularly if your house doesn’t stand out. For example, some homeowners have success with painting their doors red. Historically, red doors had specific meanings, such as showing that you were in a neighborly home or had paid off your mortgage. However, nowadays, it is a great way to make your house more attractive. 

In addition to making your door stand out by painting it a particular color, you may want to consider changing it. When switching out your front door, consider getting a replacement steel door. This will make your door more secure and can even add to your home’s energy efficiency. They can even keep out the noise levels from outdoors. Investing in a new steel door can also improve buyer interest if you are looking for a way to sell your house fast. It can also recoup about 65 percent of your investment. 

Ensure Your Lawn Is Beautiful and Healthy

Believe it or not, simple yard care is the gift that keeps giving. In most cases, improvements to your lawn can recoup well over 100 percent of your investment. Cutting the grass, ensuring that it is healthy, and spreading fresh mulch are a few things you can do to ensure that your house stands out. However, if you want to enhance your lawn, you can add pops of color with beautiful plants. 

Pay Attention To Your Roof and Siding

Some homeowners go out of their way to improve the visible parts of their landscape. But forget about the roof because it is a part of the house that’s easy to forget. However, the way you look at your own home and how a buyer views it is two different points of view. Ignoring something this vital could attract negative attention from buyers who don’t want to inherit problems. Having a roof full of moss or black algae can be a turn-off for buyers. Not only does it spell roof problems, but it is very unsightly. Cleaning your roof shingles and gutters is a good idea whether you sell your house or not. 

Another part of the house to clean is the siding. Over time, this part of your house can become very dirty, filled with cobwebs, mold, and other grime. Removing the dirt from the exterior can do wonders for your home, making it look new. To keep your house looking good, especially when trying to sell it, consider getting a professional pressure washing company to clean your siding, roof, and other parts of your exterior. 

Remove Oil, Dirt, and Weeds From Driveways and Walkways

When you have a pressure washing company clean your roof and siding, you might as well have them clean your sidewalks, patios, and driveways. If they can get rid of the weeds in the cracks of your walkways and driveway, this is also ideal. Nothing is tackier than having beautiful curb appeal destroyed by enormous oil stains in the driveway or grime buildup on the sidewalk and patios. Likewise, pops of green weeds sticking out of cracks are also unsightly. 

Make Sure Your Garage Door Looks Good

Another part of your house that can make or break your curb appeal is the garage door. If it is dirty, consider cleaning it. However, there may be some mechanical problems with your garage that need your attention. If you are selling your home, no potential buyer wants to open a garage door that is off-track or damaged in some other way. If the garage doors distract from the overall beauty of the house, this could also decrease buyer interest. If simple cleaning or fixing doesn’t do, consider getting your garage doors replaced with a much more modern choice. Although this could be a pricey investment, you could recoup about 95 percent of your investment. 

Clean Your Windows

Another underrated way to bring your curb appeal back to life this summer is clean your windows. Over the years, the windows accumulate dirt, cobwebs, and acid rain that not only make it difficult for you to see out but also ruin your curb appeal. Although windows are a very subtle part of your curb appeal, they make a huge difference when they are clean. Consider hiring a professional window cleaning company to remove the acid rain, dirt, and grime from your panes and sills for an unbelievable difference in your curb appeal. 

Remove the Clutter

A critical way to improve your curb appeal is to remove the clutter in your yard. Not only does clutter look bad, but it also attracts pests and lawn disease. Therefore, removing toys, old mulch, leaves, old pet bowls, and other unsightly items is a good idea to make sure that your exterior looks its best. 


Curb appeal is an integral part of the home selling process, especially if you intend to sell your house FSBO (for sale by owner). But it would help if you didn’t only care about your curb appeal when you want to sell your home. Your house is an investment, and to keep its value high, you should keep it in tip-top shape, especially on the exterior. These tips will provide you with top-notch curb appeal in no time! 

By Lela