Butler Township

Robert and Carol Ritchey to Dennis Briceland and Kari McDaniel, .5 acres on Shelton Road $4,000

Scott Greenawalt to Brack and Cindy Gentry, 5.2 acres on King Road $forty seven,000

Carl McKinley to Mike Sanor, home and 3.4 acres on Winona Road $22,000

Center Township

Jerry Cox and Krista Zahrndt to Mike Crosser, home on Elk Street $35,000

Brian and Rebecca Bostick to Tyler Dileo and Amanda Anissa, 11 acres on Gamble Road $330,000

Walter and Martha Ideal to Catherine Dickson and Merna Baker, .forty five acres on Depot Road $ten,000


Debra Cerra to James and Candace Steele, condominium on Stonehaven Push $255,000

U.S. Office of Housing and City Progress to William Fitch. home at 242 Spruce St. $forty,000

Firestone Homestead to Mike and Jennifer Ritter, .5 acre on Canterbury Court $forty seven,900

Firestone Homestead to Jacob and Stacey Montini, .36 acres on Canterbury Court $forty three,000

Mark Shaffer, et al, to Benjamin Moore, home on Outdated North Street $134,9000

Paul and Tia Crisp to Edward Jacob Jr., et al, home on Kingwood Avenue $187,000

East Liverpool

Whitney and Robert Dawson III to Robert Dawson III, home on Avondale Street $8,850

Nish Aggarwal to River Valley Physicians, professional medical office environment building on Sixth Street $122,500

Daniel and Lori Floyd to William and Nancy Merriman, home on St. George Street $ten,000

William and Nancy Merriman to Chelsea and Bradley Merriman, home on St. George Street $ten,000

East Palestine

James and Diane Hartford to James Sensible, office environment building on Taggart Street $seventy five,000

Russell and Shirley Pieri to Wells Fargo Bank, home on Primary Street $24,000

Ashley Mohr to Mary Ann Webb, home on Primary Street $95,000

Barbara Kliner, et al, to Dustin and Marcy Henry, home on McClure Avenue $one zero one,000

Elkrun Township

Karen Burlingame to Benjamin Dickey, trustee, residence trailer and 3.one acres on Davner Road $thirty,000

Fairfield Township

Chester Cole to Carl and Edna Rhodes, 63 acres on Miller Road $325,000

Wayne and Rhonda Fantastic to Bryce and Lauren Franken, home on Metz Road $136,500

Knox Township

Shirley Kastenhuber to R & J Loved ones Realty, 157 acres on Mountz Road $815,000


Allow Me Think LLC to Ronald and Caitlyn Bequeath, home at 160 Chestnut St. $148,500

Richard and Kristi Newton to Kristi Newton, partial fascination in home on Higher Street $23,500

Evergreen Investment decision Group to Matthew Fay, home at 315 Walnut St. $56,900

Liverpool Township

Della Burkhammer to Joshlinn Clarke, home on Fox Chase Road $ten,000

Middleton Township

John and Cheryl Coie to Stephanie Coie, residence trailer and one acre on Carmel Achor Road $67,500

Jonathan Philips to Savanna Twaddle, home on Entrance Street $eighty five,000

New Waterford

Dustin Henderson to John Boswell II and Brittany Frank, home and one.6 acres on Hatcher Road $one hundred fifty five,000

Jeff and Linda Bouquets to John and Kate Bouquets, home on Entrance Street $eighty,000

Perry Township

Mike and Michelle Dzialdowski to Barbara Devine, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue $158,500

Douglas and Nancy Milburn to Jennifer Balint, home on North Lincoln Avenue $147,500


Karl and Linda Getzinger to Daniel Kaiser, home on East 3rd Street $3,000

Jeff and Andrea Hanson to Ariel Home Administration, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue $forty,000

Richard Hill to Katrina Klockenga, home on Lincoln Avenue $sixty two,000

Heather Coldsnow to John Kittel and Diane Tesch, home on Merle Road $123,500

Karl Schrom to Judith Peck, home on Vine Street $ninety three,777

U.S. Office of Housing and City Progress to Brandon Boyle, home at 910 N. Ellsworth Ave. $36,111

Ryming Actual Estate to Sara Baronzzi, home at 990 Franklin Ave. $127,088

Tim and Carolyn Smith to Frank and Teri Wolford, home on Rea Push $one hundred seventy five,000

Darryl Stewart to Ashley Agnew, home on Maple Street $eighty three,000

Salem Township

Mike and Mark Peppel to Melanie and Mike Peppel Jr., home on Butcher $68,600

St. Clair Township

Joan and Robert Burlingame to Kevin Peters, home and 3 acres on Annesley Road $54,200

Patrick Riley to James Watkins and Melissa Lyle, home and 7.5 acres on Carroll Road $69,000


Dustin Casto to Taylor Ballard, home on 3rd Street $one hundred ten,000

Wayne Township

U.S. Bank Nationwide Association to Amber Westfall, home and one.7 acres on Steubenville Pike Road $seventeen,000

Christina Baker to Robert Vojnovich, home and 5 acres on Dinch Road $177,000


Geraldine Albaneso to Ryan Burgess, industrial vacant land at 461 Primary St. $2,200

County Land Bank to Thomas Georgalas, property at 734 Primary St.

Go Wholesome Basis to Ondek Vinyl Worx Usa, previous hardware store building on Broadway Avenue $79,900

West Township

Gary and Cheryl Stoll to Steven Hawk, trustee, .8 acres on state Route 172 $ten,000

Consolidated Leasing to Boyd and Holly Brewer, 5 acres on U.S. Route thirty $35,000

Yellow Creek Township

Joseph Burke Jr. to Josephine Metternberger, et al, home and 2 acres on Bill Smith Road $126,000

Edward Abdalla Believe in to Christopher and Kathryn Kinnear, home and twenty acres on Forbes Road $500,000

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